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Masters in EE Colorado Boulder Cousera
Looks like the EE program is finally launching with credit options from October. You take a single one credit course every 4-6 weeks. I want my masters in EE but 20k is so steep.

Master of Theological Studies, Nations University (In Progress..)
MITx to ALM in ES: Management, Harvard University (Planned...2021)


Sep 2019 Grad...

BA Computer Science, TESU
BA Liberal Studies, TESU
AS  Natural Science and Mathematics, TESU  

SL (27 Cr): Eng Com I II, Ameri Gov, Reli, Nutri, Envi Sci, Cul Ant, Med Ter, IT Fund
Shmoop (18 Cr): Hist Tech, Hu Sex, Med Lit, Bible Lit, Prof Wrtng, E-Com
Sophia (11 Cr): Col Alg, Info Tech, Pub Speak, Effe Teams, Manag Con
TEEX (5 Cr): Cyb Ever, IT Prof, Info Risk Man  Aleks (9 Cr): Beg. Alg, Inter. Alg, Trig
ED4Credit (3 Cr): Man Info Sys   CPCU (2 Cr): Ethics
TESU (4 Cr): Corner, Capstone (39 Cr): Pres. Skills, C Prog, Disc Math, Comp Arch, Op Sys, DB Man, Sys Analy, Calc I, Forensic Sci, Geometry, Intro Prog, Data Str
B&M (46 Cr)

I do like how it let's you customize the exact skills and specializations you want/need for your degree. But I agree, too expensive at the moment.
TESU BS NEET (in progress)      Taking a different direction for now.

B&M(22cr): Anat/Phys 1/2 +Labs, Eng Comp 1, Sust. Cities, Orientation Courses, Intro Hlth+Well, Functional Anat/Kin
TESU(4cr): Chem 1 Lab, DC circuits
JST/TESU Eval of NAVY Training: 85/99cr
The Institutes, TEEX, NFA(9cr): Ethics, Cyber 101/201/301, Safety
Sophia(3cr): Dev Eff Teams, Fdn College Alg, Fdn Stats, Ess Mng Conflict, Fdn English comp, Student Success Eng 105, Fin 102, His 108, Lib Sci 101, Math 104, Stat 101
CLEP(9cr): Intro Sociology 63 Intro Psych 61 US GOV 71
OD(6cr): Robotics, Cyber
I'm currently working on the Sensors Specialization. The flexibility is awesome. The big issue is that I can't find any student loans to pay for it. I think I can borrow from my IRA so that may be the only option unless I can find an employer to pay for it.

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