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Meta/Facebook Certification for ACE credit
META CERTIFIED DIGITAL MARKETING ASSOCIATE EXAM is worth 1 LL credit in marketing and appears to cost $99. link

Obviously not a lot of credit to be worth it but this is something to keep an eye on in case they seek ACE status for more of their certs. Also, if you want to get Meta certified anyway, doesn't hurt to get a few credits in the process.

Other Meta certifications
WGU BSIT Feb 2021 (77CU transferred in)(24/44CU )
SANS Academy

RA(non WGU)(45cr)
JST/TESU Eval of NAVY Training(85/99cr)
The Institutes, TEEX, NFA(9cr): Ethics, Cyber 101/201/301, Safety
Sophia(60cr): 23 classes Eng 105, Fin 102, His 108, Lib Sci 101, Math 104, Stat 101, CS107, CS 303, BUS 107
CLEP(9cr): Intro Sociology 63 Intro Psych 61 US GOV 71
OD(6cr): Robotics, Cyber
CompTIA: A+, Network+, Server+, Security+, Pentest+
Google IT Support
Microsoft Certified Azure Fundamentals, AI Fundamentals, Data Fundamentals, AWS CCP
Computer Science Fundamentals MicroBachelor(3cr)
*I think I'm updated... I really need to make an Omnitranscript to track everything....
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Yes, the Meta-verse as Zuckerberg is referring to what Facebook is trying to "become". It reminds me of this video I mentioned in an earlier post...
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TESU ASNSM Biology, BSBA (ACBSP Accredited in 2017)
Universidad Isabel I: ENEB MBA, Big Data & BI, Digital Marketing & E-Commerce
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