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Military credit? for EXC Lib Arts Degree
Hi everyone,

My last (7th) transcript just arrived at the school so they are preparing my eval.

My question is this; how has EXC used your military credits? For example did Military Studies apply to Arts and Sciences? Did EXC award any of you 300 level credit for Military Studies?

TESC also awarded 300 level credit for Leadership/Mgmt; did EXC award any of you 300 level credit?

LMM1111 Leadership/ Mgmt I 2.00 UL
LMM1112 Leadership/ Mgmt I 2.00 LL
LMM1113 Military Studies I 2.00 LL

LMM2121 Leadership/Mgmt II. 5.00 UL
LMM2122 Managerial Comm II 3.00 UL
LMM2123 Military Studies II 3.00 LL

LMM2131 Leadership Mgmt III 5.00 UL
LMM2132 Managerial Comm III...... 3.00 LL
LMM2133 Military Studies III 1.00 LL

I have over 200 sem hours with around 55 UL. I'm hoping UL Military Studies will suffice for one depth and Aviation UL credit will suffice for the other depth.

Also, I passed the Math Clep. Will that suffice for Lib Arts Math Req?

I know that schools change how they view credits and knowing precedence is always helpful. I appreciate whatever you can provide.

Thank you, E

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