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Most Affordable
It always surprises me that the Big 3 never make it onto these lists.  In any case, here's a list of what are allegedly the most affordable Bachelors degrees.  It's not a flawless list but might be a good place for someone to start their search Announces Best Most Affordable Online BCBA Program Degree Programs for 2021 | News |
These lists are the "most affordable" if you are only getting your learning from those particular schools. The big 3 aren't especially cheap if all you are comparing is the straight cost of tuition + fees.
In progress:
Pierpont - AAS BOG
TESU - BA Computer Science; BSBA CIS; ASNSM Math & CS; ASBA

Sophia (30 courses), The Institutes (old), (5 courses)
ASU: Human Origins, Astronomy, Intro Health & Wellness, Western Civilization, Computer Appls & Info Technology, Intro Programming
This is specific to "Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) programs," which seems to be a certificate program and not a bachelor's degree vary from cetificates to masters degrees, all lumped together.
Goal: BSBA OpMgmt - TESU June 2021

AP Tests: 20 credits (HIS-113/114, CHE-121/122, MAT-231/232) | Other College: 99.5 credits (Mostly Eng. & CompSci)
APICS-CPIM (NCCRS): 12 AoS Credits (OPM-301/313/331/332/470) | CLEP: 6 credits (ENC-101/102) Saylor Academy: 6 credits (POS-282, LAW-201) 27 credits (SOC-101, PHI-180, ACC-101, FIN-200, ECO-111/112, MAN-235, CIS-107, COM-199) | 12 credits (COM-290, CMP-202, MAN-210, MAR-201)
TESU: 15 credits (ACC-102 TECEP, BUS-311 TECEP, OPM-411, MAT-105 TECEP, BUS-421) | Davar Academy: 3 credits (MAN-373)
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Sorry - I wrote at first that they didn't include fees. But they did. I clicked through. Master's degree seems to be the basic requirement and all I saw were Master's of various types (MA M.Ed. etc) and Post-Master's Grad certificates for added certifications - no clear division. The first one I looked at (at or near the top ) was a Master's program at $575 per credit. Doesn't sound especially inexpensive to me. Then I looked further down and saw one for $199 per credit.

I think they have work to do in the way they present info. The minute categorizations (best in N,W, S.E, Good values, best Christian schools etc.) can throw someone off if they're trying to stick to cost. Perhaps they might consider publishing the chart AND a separate ranking divided into cert and degree - and reported in cost order for each, with the actual costs.

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