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My Father's Hands
The young man I referenced is in special education, but in my opinion, the system's failing him. I only just met him a couple of months ago, so I'm not 100% clear on his background. I know that he wants to learn, and he's always asking me how to spell things so he can write answers on his homework, but he can't read a lick. It's sad when even the other special ed kids know it and give him a hard time.

I'm hoping he'll let me work with him over the spring semester. If he doesn't agree, I'm going to approach his parents about letting me teach him to read over the summer. I almost think that he's afraid that the kids will give him an additionally hard time.
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Gary Wrote:Michael, this was a very meaningful story. BUT, what I would like to add is that we place SOOOO MUCH value on education (there is nothing wrong w/that) but many people in this world (w/out education) helped create America for what it is today. ...I have always maintained that the paper is very valuable to many, especially nowadays since the days of dropping out of school and working w/your hands is not really much of an option anymore. Honestly, when I hear people use the term "educated", I kind of look at that as an insult to many who "are not". I meet many people, pretty much everyday, who do not have degrees, who have sooooo much to offer, and have much more smarts and common sense than the so called "educated". My dad died just over one year ago and many like him lived very productive lives, relied on by those who had degrees but who didn't have the skills the "uneducated" had. This is a pet peeve of mine. I encourage education as much as the next person but realize it's not for everybody, nor does everybody need it. Lastly Michael, don't take this little rant as a personal attack, I have seen many of your posts and you are not only very informative and helpful, your posts no doubt are an inspiration to many on here. This story definitely has special meaning because being that short on skills obviously will create hardships in life, I did get that part of the message. Sorry, I couldn't help myself.

Hey Gary. Great to hear from you again. I'll always be grateful for the Ops Mgmnt book which allowed me to get through that course for very few $$$$. Thanks for your thoughts on this. I certainly didn't take any of your post as a personal attack--although I'm not sure to what you are reacting--but I can definitely tell I've struck a nerve! I completely agree with everything you are saying and I don't see anything contradictory in my original post or the story.

I can tell you that now that I have my degree--I'm no smarter and only marginally more "educated" than I was before I finished. For example, I know almost nothing about Operations Management today despite successfully completing the course. On paper, I should be ready to take on inventory control and process management for a good-sized company at this point. However, I am certain that someone who has actual work experience in those areas who has not taken that class--or maybe any classes--would initially do a much better job than I.

This story, for me, is an illustration of a big heart and a pure spirit. I long for that in today's complex world. I greatly admire the ethic and ability of the man in the story and I mourn the fact that he was unable to identify and correct whatever disability he may have had which held him back from demonstrating his true abilities and achieving his full potential. The end of the story is just heartbreaking.

Thanks for the kind words and I'm glad some of my posts have been helpful and informative to you. I sure try, as I am eternally grateful for all the help and information I have received from this forum. Take care.
My Excelsior Journey
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Hey, Mike, its been awhile. It wasn't meant as a negative post, I do get your point about the story and your right about that. Society places so much emphasis on education and using the word "educated" that I think it is an insult to a person who has not gone throgh the so called education system. On the other hand, as in your story, lack of basic knowledge, especially in todays world is definitely a major hindrance. You stated EXACTLY what I mean about the "piece of paper". You did really well in Ops Mgmt yet you remember almost nothing from the course, same as me. That is probably true of most classes. Can we w/draw that info if needed???? Maybe, probably. I have talked to numerous people, as I'm sure you have that say the same thing. I think a college degree has too much emphasis in the overall scheme of things, it separates in many cases the better off from the poor, which is not necessarily a good thing. Salaries are way out of whack, people think they are more important than they really are. If education is so important, then how did these so called great, educated minds get us into the predicaments we face? This is and has been my issues w/education. The poor who lack the basic means to afford education are being trampled on. Their children face an uphill battle. I am so very glad I can support my family, I would hate to be a family of great morals that just can't get ahead, to have your kids want basic necessities that they probably won't see. Over and over I hear that they are the people that are lazy and don't want to work. B.S. How many people in the business world have had an excellent secretary save an "educated" bosses butt by having strong basic computer skills??????? There I go again! Rantin and a ravin. Mike, in short, why are we paying soooooo much for a degree? Not just in salary but in the cost of getting one? There's a so called class of people out there that are being spanked, it ain't right, it ain't fair and it just ain't ethical. There, how's that for grammar? So........ good talking to you Mike. Thanks for stirrin emotions. Congratulations on your degree, I mean that sincerely. I do recognize the importance in the overall scheme of things.

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