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My current Masters path
I'm getting frustrated that there aren't too many online degrees in my core interest. Ancient Civilization, Egyptianology, Asirianology, and others. My University here has basically nothing to offer me but I'm close to my children. There are some great programs on campuses in Utah, Washington and further away. Rutgers is a possibility but even with them, I'm not really interested in their material.

Here my only option is really Interdisciplinary Study's and I honestly don't want that on my degree. I'm taking grad classes now from TESU and UAF along with my new language program. Overseas I can get into some very good programs and am looking into Greece and Germany.

I am only considering to join the MS Emergency Management program because it fulfills my funding requirements here locally.
TESU BALS Social Sciences Confirmed June 7th
UAF BA Foreign Languages ongoing 
TESU BA Anthropology ongoing
UAF MS Emergency Management (Most Likely will start 2019/2020)

I have been here enjoying learning and validating my studies for many years. This forum has a tremendous amount of information and support. My family travels internationally and we write about what we see at and I also post some of my papers online here.
Out of curiosity, I tried Googling "Asirianology" and got no results. Is it related to studying Assyrian civilization?

Also, would something like AMU's MA in History with the "Ancient and Classical History" concentration be something you might enjoy? Not exactly what you're looking for, but sort of close.
Link to all credits earned: Link

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