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My degree plan for TESU BA in CS; thoughts/recs?
bruh Wrote:Thank you @bjcheung77! When I discovered degree hacking not even two months ago and then DegreeForum a few weeks later, I saw that I was entering a whole new world. I read the tip that we should do the heavy lifting when it comes to degree planning, so I wanted to make sure to start off on the right foot.  Cool

As soon as the activity on this thread comes to an end (probably tonight or tomorrow), those credits shall be as good as mine, hehe. I think I'm gonna eat through the easiest Sophia courses first to build up some momentum (and also for encouragement :p). I'll make sure to update that spreadsheet I attached to my first post too. It's personally so exciting to see the changes and realizations I've made since starting this thread.

Getting an extra degree was nowhere near my radar either. So awesome that @natshar mentioned it. I'm gonna go for the BACJ I think. How should I go about that? I've been browsing through some of the existing threads that discuss getting a second bachelor's. Is there a dedicated thread/wiki somewhere on here that details the process too? I'm wondering to what extent would TESU allow my courses that I'd use to accomplish my BACS to fulfill reqs for my BACJ. For example, if I ever go for even more TESU degrees in general (not just BACJ), would I not have to worry about general eds + electives anymore? Would the AOS be my only concern (provided I apply 24 new credits)?

I think I'll also 'wait' until I finish military training to finish my degree. It's all good if I don't finish before turning 20, hehe. In case those plans fall through though, I'll do the 16 credits option. @rachel83az and @dfrecore helped me realize that that could actually be more preferable than doing a lotta TECEPs + paying the hefty waiver fee.

Just to let you know, if you're going for the BA CJ and the CS at the same time, it's considered 1 degree with 2 majors.  You can add another degree to that, for example, a BSBA CIS (and something such as Entrepreneurship or another choice for a dual AOS if you wanted to, some also like to have a second AOS).  It's recommended to complete the degrees all at once so you don't have to worry about paying a second residency waiver and graduation fee.  You may want to review the following threads and also check out the WIKI for degree plans, customize the plans to your liking.

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16 Credits vs Residency Waiver #2:
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~Note~ Read/Review forum posts & Wiki Links to Sample Degree Plans

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