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My road to BALS
(11-01-2019, 12:02 AM)MrBossmanJr Wrote: Your image attachment shows personal information. I recommend you remove it immediately.

Good catch... too bad it is 4 months later. Vetvso can't edit old posts so I removed the first image for him.
In Progress: Considering next steps
Up Next: Perhaps an MSCS or a DBA/DM/Ph.D.

MBA in IT Management, 2019, Western Governors University
BSBA in Computer Information Systems, 2019, Thomas Edison State University
ASNSM in Computer Science, 2019, Thomas Edison State University

B&M CC: 8.68cr, TESU: 3cr, CLEP/DSST: 15cr, 57cr, Straighterline: 19cr, ALEKS: 9cr, TEEX: 6cr, The Institutes: 2cr, Sophia: 2cr
(121.68 credits total. 95 credits earned in 10 months, with 45 of those earned in ~3 months)
Oh lol, I didn't notice until someone posted and revived the thread. I saw the transcript and I remembered that personal information was on it.
BU:         MS in Software Development (4/32 SH - 1 Course IP) | GPA: 3.70

TESU:       BA in Liberal Studies | AS in Natural Science and Mathematics (Computer Science, Mathematics) | Cert in Electronics |
            3 SH GPA: 4.00 | Golden Key International Honor Society
EC:         AAS in Technical Studies (Electronic/Instrumentation Technologies) High Honors GPA: 3.79 |
            18 SH GPA: 4.00
CCP:        AAS in Applied Science and Engineering Technology (Graduation DEC2019) Highest Honors GPA: 3.91 | AAS in Technical Studies (Computer Technology) |
            65 SH GPA: 3.91 | Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society

TU:         12 SH GPA: 3.91
CTC:        3 SH GPA: 4.00
CHC:        19 SH
SDCC:       1 SH

CLEP:       Analyzing & Interpreting Literature-60; College Composition Modular-57;
            Information Systems & Computer Applications-53; College Mathematics-50;
            Principles of Marketing-55
DSST:       Introduction to Computing-423; Principles of Supervision-410;
            Introduction to Business-415; Technical Writing-51
Study:      21 SH
Institute:  2 SH
TEEX:       4 SH
Sophia:     2 SH
USN:        88 LL/18 UL (JST ACE Evaluation - ET2)
Certs:      Computer Operator (USMAP) | ICDL_US
(11-01-2019, 11:06 AM)MrBossmanJr Wrote: Oh lol, I didn't notice until someone posted and revived the thread. I saw the transcript and I remembered that personal information was on it.
Thanks, everyone for getting it removed.
TESU BALS Social Sciences Confirmed June 7th
UAF BA Foreign Languages ongoing 
TESU BA Anthropology ongoing
UAF MS Emergency Management (Most Likely will start 2019/2020)

I have been here enjoying learning and validating my studies for many years. This forum has a tremendous amount of information and support. My family travels internationally and we write about what we see at and I also post some of my papers online here.

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