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I've been lurking this site for years, I'm finally in the right place to knock out a degree.

I've come up with a degree plan to eventually earn a degree from WGU. I would appreciate any feedback that I can get on this. I'm not set on going to WGU if somewhere else may be a better option. I looked to see if there was a maximum number of credits I could transfer in; I was unable to find an answer to that. 

Thank you in advance.

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I think it's 90 credits max at WGU. You are in the US right?
Do you have existing credit?
Saylor seems your favorite provider, have you tried it already? Some love, some don't. It is very cost friendly for sure.
Be sure to check out WGU academy, which is basically SL but on a different price plan.
You have to take 30cr at WGU, including any courses that are in the "can't be transferred in" section.

Be ready to ditch Saylor if you aren't liking it - some courses are good, some are terrible. I think the only one that is offered that can't be taken elsewhere is the Critical Thinking course.

I might finish English Comp I, and then see if WGU-Academy will let you take the A+ courses there - if you can finish in a month, it will save you a ton of time when you're ready to enroll at WGU, plus they pay for the A+ certs for you.
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You'll save a bit more if you CLEP out of English Comp I&II, Applied Algebra, American Politics, Humanities, science, and Intro to IT using vouchers. Critical Thinking & Logic can be passed in a couple of days via WGU, so I wouldn't bother trying to bring that in. Same goes for the science lab.
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