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National Humanities Center: Online Courses
The National Humanities Center is rolling out new online classes.  These are targeted towards teachers, but I think that anyone can take them.

I am just about to finish Digital Literacy in the Classroom.  It has been a pretty good class.

Each class has a webinar component.  Basically, you just login from anywhere and then a well-regarded university professor lectures on an interesting topic for 1.5 hours.  You take a survey at the end and get a certificate.  This certificate gets uploaded within the course.  I have participated in a webinar about the Hiroshima bombing and a webinar about the Great Firewall of China.  I think that they are great.  Participants ask questions via the chat box.

Cal State Chico does transcript the webinars.  When I am done with this class, I am going to send the info. over and try to get graduate credit.  I will let you know how it goes.

Note: During the last webinar, the NHC announced that two new online classes would be available next semester.
University of Michigan, 1997, BA Ed.; Teaching Cert.: English/Social Sciences
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