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Nations U BACHELOR in religious studies, who's done it?
(10-12-2020, 12:35 PM)rachel83az Wrote: I won't argue that it's not a religious university or that the degree is universally useful for employment purposes. But I do think that the whole thing about it being a "prison university" is a bit silly. It's just an inexpensive way to get a checkbox degree for people who don't care whether the degree is RA or NA. A BALS isn't exactly the most useful degree, employment-wise, either. Nothing against people who get them but employers tend to not look as favorably on them as on subject degrees.

As far as the BALS, it depends. It depends on what your concentration or minor is. If it's just general liberal arts, then probably not.

(10-12-2020, 01:45 PM)openair Wrote: okay, that makes sense now. I just hope that you see that it's nothing of the sort. By the way, thanks for the info on UMPI. I am still considering it.

I'll be posting an update to my UMPI thread in a week or so. The term is almost over so I wanted to give an update.

UMPI: BLS Management Information Systems and Project Management minors - anticipated graduation Spring 2021

Community College: AAS Business Administration
Community College: AS Individual Studies

Sophia: Environmental Science, Developing Effective Teams, The Essentials of Managing Conflict, College Algebra, Visual Communication, Microeconomics, Introduction to Information Technology

Sophia - in progress: Introduction to Ethics, Human Biology, Introduction to Statistics, English Composition II, US History I
I actually disagree with Rachel on this partricular issue. She's right that some employers look down upon humanities/liberal studies degrees. Many experts are predicting huge changes in that regard, even a boom for cross-disciplinary learning and revival of the liberal arts degree. Also, you can see India and other Asian countries educating almost exclusively in the "in demand" fields with thousands of graduates that are going to be in stiff competition for jobs. Also, liberal arts prepares you for all sorts of jobs, while technical/IT fields are more lucrative, but narrow down career options considerably. I've had friends who went for specific types of engineering and were left without any solid job opportunities. In some cases, the parents pushed them into it. Still, IT is a booming field. It will be that way for years to come.
I just read that only six students received a bachelor degree from Nations University last year. Seems to be a rare feat.
AA, Business Administration- San Jacinto College

Bachelor 1 (interests- humanities, lit, history, social science)
Bachelor 2 (interests- comp sci, ag, finance, biology)

Credits (139) 
RA (104): university (50) / junior college (39) / community college (15)
ACE (35): Sophia (17) / Study (13) / TEEX (3) / Institutes (2)
(10-16-2020, 08:34 PM)StoicJ Wrote: I just read that only six students received a bachelor degree from Nations University last year. Seems to be a rare feat.

Probably related to the proctoring issues tbh.

I'd consider the Bachelor's (or maybe Master's) if the proctoring was less...cumbersome. I've got no issue writing or taking ProctorU tests, but having to find a testing location and getting permission is just tough, even moreso during the Rona
Master of Business Administration, Universidad Isabel I, In Progress
Master in Management & Team Management, Universidad Isabel I, In Progress
Master in International Trade, Universidad Isabel I, In Progress
Master in Supply Chain Management, Universidad Isabel I, In Progress

BS Information Technology, Security Emphasis, Western Governors University, 2017
AAS Information Systems Cybersecurity, Community College, 2017
AAS Computer Networking, Community College, 2017
FEMA Emergency Management Certificate, 2017

Certifications: A+, Linux+, Project+, Google Digital Marketing Fundamentals, Six Sigma White Belt, VMware VCA6

Undergraduate Credits: 149
Right now, they'll accept proctoring via webcam. So you don't have to go anywhere. But it's still kind of weird that you need to find a specific person and not just an actual testing center.
In progress:
Pierpont - AAS BOG
TESU - BA Computer Science

Sophia (30 courses), The Institutes (old), (2 courses)
ASU: Human Origins, Astronomy, Intro Health & Wellness, Western Civilization
I'm part way through the BA program with them but not finished. I have enjoyed it so far and have mostly been doing it just for my own self development - 168 CR. TESU - 27 CR. Middle Georgia State University - 15 CR. Sonoran Desert Institute - 18 CR. COSC - 6 CR. Excelsior - 6 CR. CLEP - 6 CR. Sophia - 14 CR. TEEX - 2 CR. Shmoop - 18 CR. NFA - 4 CR. The Institutes - 2 CR. FEMA - 20ish

BA in History/English from TESU


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