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Need help finding online prerequisite courses
(12-06-2017, 05:22 PM)bluebooger Wrote: off topic, but WAY down below (at the bottom of the page) there is a link

Send this Thread to a Friend

I clicked it and was taken to an "email" page

I filled in the recipient and message and clicked send and an error message popped up

Please correct the following errors before continuing:
You did not enter a valid from email address.

I don't see anywhere on that page to enter a FROM address

am I blind ?

It worked for me.  Maybe set an email here?:
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(12-06-2017, 06:30 PM)quigongene Wrote: It worked for me.  Maybe set an email here?:

well that worked

it must be because of the forum upgrade 
because I've been sending emails for a couple of years with no problem
I find it interesting that they looked at the course, and pronounced it 'too lightweight.'

We have threads on here dealing with the stigma of nontraditional routes to degrees, and there always winds up being a 'legal' view and a 'prestige' view. If the course was accredited, and other colleges took it... I know they can do what they want, but that perspective just struck me as interesting. More blunt, I guess.

Wonder what would happen if you let the course content provider know the thoughts of that place?
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(12-06-2017, 07:54 AM)nilesthebrave Wrote: I'm looking to enter the Master's program in Data Science with University of Wisconsin.

I have a B.S. in Physics through them and am working currently as a chemist at a pharmaceutical company, and frankly, I hate it. So I'm looking to go in a different direction with my career.

I was told by the advisor there that I would need three courses in Stats, Programming and databases just to show I'm not blowing smoke up their asses with my claimed skills in those areas.

Due to the evil of pharma, I work a 12-hour rotating shift, meaning I cannot take classes in person. They have to be online and I've never done online before so I'm kind of at a loss as to what's considered 'decent' while still being affordable.

I've found several places to take an online Stats course but I'm having trouble finding a decent database course.

I think they need to come from a legit and accredited school so I don't think DeVry will count.

StraighterLine's C++ course was accepted as the prerequisite for the programming course. I need a stats course and database course. I've found several Stats courses but would prefer something along the lines of straighterline's course, though I was told that that course was too lightweight to be counted.

I'm fine taking an online stats course through my university if I have to, so really I need just some sort of online database course

Anyone in a similar situation have some answers? Are there some kind souls out there who can point me in the right direction?

Appreciate the help

EDIT: I mistakenly wrote I still need a programming course since I copied this off my reddit post where it was recommended I come here.
I do NOT need a programming course still. Just the database and stats

To keep life simple, you may want all 3 on 1 transcript - this saves time and money when you send them to the graduate admissions. Another thought, I'm sure University of Wisconsin offers these courses- that would be my initial suggestion (online of course) followed by any of the community colleges that transfer directly into University of Wisconsin (online of course) because they will ALREADY have been evaluated for transfer credit into undergrad programs. In other words, they *could* have been part of your physics degree and transferred in had you used them as electives or extras. Classes at most CCs start in about 10 days, but you could probably get registered asap. When you reach out, tell them you're applying as a "Special Status Student" which goes around all admissions application crap. You wouldn't be degree seeking (which is fine) and as long as their are openings, you should be able to secure permission to enroll immediately.
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