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New ASU ULC: CIS 308: Advanced Excel in Business
(01-27-2022, 10:25 PM)bluebooger Wrote: if you're asking about the course on page one, thread one    
the pdf says

● Calculate with advanced functions and formulas.

I'm guessing that's "if", "countif", sumif"  
it is easy stuff    
there are plenty of good websites for those

● Organize worksheet, workbook and table data using a variety of techniques.

maybe that's dropdown lists and filters ?

● Create and modify charts and graphs.

easy stuff
tons of videos on youtue

● Customize and enhance workbooks using graphic objects and data tools.      

using charts and graphs with with filters, slicers and timelines ?      
again, easy stuff        

● Understand how businesses can utilize advanced spreadsheet analytical techniques using pivot tables, v-lookups, amortization and graphical data to better understand their business and customers.

do you know how make pivot tables do percentages and averages ?
do you know how to rearrange the rows and columns in a pivot so you can see the data you want in an ez to understand way ?

● Manipulate and analyze data to make appropriate recommendations for managerial decision making.              

same as above, but maybe also give some ideas what to do with outliers and #N/A data (should you include those in your averages or not)

● Deploy advanced techniques to increase productivity and improve efficiency by streamlining workflow.            

I can't deploy anything            
ALL excel spreadhseets with vba code in them is locked out by the anti-virus software and hospital security settings          
All ability to connect to SQL Server is locked out for the same reason        

I can write my own stuff and make my charts and pivot tables, but then I have to save it to non-macro workbooks with all connections disabled  

but that's what it probably means -- real time interactive dashboards that connect to one or more data sources and run vba code to update charts -- none of which I'm allowed to create and give to other people  

I don't know how much this course costs, but you can figure out how to do almost anything on youtube

and on the mr excel forums

and just try stuff out -- record a macro and then edit the vba by hand
step though it with the debugger and see what's going on

I am enrolled in wgu and did learn some stuff from the spreadsheets course, but i would never pay for an excel course - not even an inexpensive one on sale at udemy        
i only did the excel course at wgu because its required
This was helpful. Thank you.
This transferred to TESU as CIS-399 Special Topics in Computer Info Sys. They didn't classify it as a spreadsheet course as some people feared. It went into the CIS AoS electives in my BSBA-CIS on the 20-21 catalog
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jch Wrote:This transferred to TESU as CIS-399 Special Topics in Computer Info Sys. They didn't classify it as a spreadsheet course as some people feared. It went into the CIS AoS electives in my BSBA-CIS on the 20-21 catalog

That's awesome, it's a great course to add into the CIS AOS and will count towards the RA requirements as well! If only they offered the $25 registration and the $99/course tuition fee again, I'll be all over those CIS and other offerings at ASU (EA) Universal Learner...
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