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New GI Bill
pitbull30 Wrote:No doubt about it you cant complain about the GI Bill...
I complain about it all the time, the biggest issue I have is that they only give you 3 years to get a four year degree. While it is possible it is unlikely to do so for the average vet. Remember most of these people were not excatly tops of the high school classes or they would have gotten scholarships or known a little more about aid for college. I think that the improvements are get and are necessary but I think that they should look a little closer at the success rate of vets using the gibill and see how many of them actually complete their degrees using solely the gilbill.
AAT, Electromechanics, Excelsior College 2007
BS, Political Science, Excelsior College 2008
MSSL, Strategic Leadership, Mountain State (currently enrolled) 2009

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