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Newer Coopersmith courses
Coopersmith Career Consulting (NCCRS) added six courses in mid-to-late 2016 that I think went largely unnoticed. I thought I'd point them out here, but forgive me if we already talked about these elsewhere.

June 2016
Anatomy and Physiology (SCI-201) - 4cr w/ Lab, 3cr w/out Lab
The Law of Business and Business Organizations (BUS-311) - 3cr
Microeconomics (ECO-101) - 3cr
Macroeconomics (ECO-102) - 3cr
Organizational Behavior (BUS-302) - 3cr

Sept 2016
Foundations of Education (EDU-501) - 3cr

Nothing too exciting, but it's cool that there's another 4cr lab option available! I didn't realize their existing Environmental Science course was also a 4cr w/ Lab recommendation, either.
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Damn, did anyone else almost just get excited about new metallurgical credit options?

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