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Nexford University - DEAC Application
Interesting, I guess after all the conversations on both this and the sister forum, they've placed their application in for a better or a proper accreditation than just the ASIC UK recognition.  They're looking more and more viable as an option for individuals, especially since they recently got a few million extra in funding...

Previous Link:
DEAC Link:
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I was suprised to see hondros on that list. We have a Hondros down the road that does Real Estate, Appraisal, Insurance and Nursing classes. I didn’t know they had a business school too. I took real estate licensing classes there in 2009
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I wonder what the general timeframe is after initial application. I'm trying to think back to Smartly/Quantic, it seems like it was quite lengthy.
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Unless the transfer credit policy changes, I don't see Nexford as a viable option for learners with accumulated college credit. It may possibly become an option for Master's students. However, the DEAC accreditation would need to be granted first. states: "At the present time, Nexford University is not setup to accept transfer credits." The page also has the following information; "Question: I've studied before. Can I receive credit? Not yet. We built Nexford from scratch and our innovative curriculum is one you won't find anywhere else. It's based on the latest industry insights and is well and truly unique. That's why we can't accept credit transfer applications right now – stay tuned!"

Quantic School of Business and Technology (another DEAC school) has maintained this non-transfer policy, even after accreditation: "Quantic School of Business and Technology does not give credit for work completed at other institutions." But they are focusing on Master's degrees. This is a bit different from Nexford, which has a large number of undergraduate degrees.
I'm going to introduce a note of skepticism.  In the past there have been instances where a school has applied for DEAC/DETC accreditation just so they could say that they're a candidate (or whatever the proper term might be).  Simply appearing to take the accreditation process seriously can give them years of pseudo-credibility, all the while they're collecting those tuition payments.  I know, I know . . . what a terrible thing to suggest.  I guess I just have a suspicious nature.  I hope I'm wrong.  I think we're all better off if they become properly accredited.
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