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Next after WGU BSN with TESU credits banked
(08-02-2020, 05:41 AM)Merlin Wrote:
(08-02-2020, 12:38 AM)cwendy111 Wrote: Thanks for the additional info! I am def looking for cheap! I managed to find a loophole in WGU's process that allowed me to transfer into the RN-MSN Informatics program before I was conferred the BSN. The request was approved, but some knucklehead at WGU never cancelled my graduation request, despite my transfer being in progress and me asking them to. (received my congratulatory banner this morning) So now I have to fight with them Monday morning to get "UN-graduated", which I did not have on my Bachelors's degree BINGO card. Crazy!!

I may be missing something... why do you not want them to graduate you?

I don't think they will "ungraduate" you, but if they do, they will probably revoke your ability to enter the RN-MSN as well. As far as I know, all regional accreditors require that a student already has a bachelor's degree before entering a master's program (or at least, they must be approved to graduate with conferral within a term). So, they may have allowed you to transfer into the RN-MSN because you were already approved to graduate with the BSN. If not, I'm curious about what loophole it is that is allowing you to bypass the normal rules for entering a master's program.

No, misunderstood me. They have an RN-MSN pathway whereas you complete the BSN requirements first which includes bridge courses to the MSN program, THEN you take the MSN courses. The program allows you to complete both programs as one long program without worrying about when your term ends. You still have to meet the BSN requirements to begin the MSN courses, but you go right into the MSN courses regardless of where you are in a term once you complete the BSN requirements. So you technically complete the BSN program, but you are also still enrolled in MSN program at the same time. This would allow me to keep taking courses since it's one long program instead of waiting for my term to end in November to enroll in the MSN program separately as a BSN student only. If for some reason I didn't complete the BSN coursework I couldn't move on to the MSN in either program. Having graduated me, I'm afraid it will be a monumental effort to get into the bridge program since I am now a completed BSN student, not a transfer student anymore. Even though it was their mistake. I need to be "ungraduated" to transfer, otherwise I have to re-enroll and wait to December 1 to start.

I had a slow night at work, so I started figuring out what courses I need for the WGU IT degrees and started taking a database course on SDC. Will need to know this stuff anyway towards the Informatics degree and it will make my coursework easier when the time comes. Whenever it comes. If I happen to finish the BSCS along the way, good on me! lol. I gotta tell ya, the TESU path looks easier, but def more expensive. Some courses I already took don't work for the WGU BSCS degree unfortunately. The problem will again be I cant take two programs at once, so I won't possibly be able to finish the BSCS at WGU before I start the MSN. Did we factor that into the equation before? I better scroll up and re-read your wisdom.
WGU RN-BSN 6/1/2020

TESU BALS NASM or BACS (Jury is still out)
SDC - Interpersonal Communications, Presentation Skills in the Workplace, Intro to Operating Systems, Intro to Programming, Systems Analysis & Design (In Progress), NEXT: Database Management, MIS
ICC - American Government
SL - Personal Finance 
TECEP - Medical Terminology
The Institutes - Ethics and the CPCU Code of Professional Conduct 
TEEX - Cyber Ethics, Cyber Law/White Collar Crime
Sophia - Developing Effective Teams , The Essentials of Managing Conflict, Intro to Information Technology, Intro to Statistics, Visual Communications, Human Biology, Project Management
CSM Learn- The CSM Course
DSST - Drugs and Society 436, Here's To Your Health 450, Computing and Information Technology 461
AAS Nursing - Helene Fuld College of Nursing 

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