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Non-Compete Contracts for employers! Now I am out of work.
I worked for a mental health facility after I finished up my degree at TESC. Job required a bachelors degree. Good pay. I signed a non compete contract first day of employment. Worked for the company for a year! While I was working for the company, one of the competitors found my resume on career builder and offered me a managers position and higher salary and they told me do not worry about the non-compete agreement that I signed for Company A, and that it doesn't stand up in court. I took Company B's offer and left Company A, 3 months working for company B, Company A found out that I was working for Company B. Don't know how? Next thing you know, I get served for $75,000 for breaching a non compete agreement and said I gave trade secrets to Company B. Not only that, they hired a Private Investigator and had pictures of me in the documents! Lies, lies, lies from Company A regarding giving away trade secrets. I did not do anything illegal or try to give out any information to Company B. Anyways, Company B was nice enough to defend me using the corporate lawyer, and we still lost in court! However, the judge did tell me I did not have to pay the $75,000 judgement and to leave employment from Company B in a week's time frame, which I did. Now I am out of work, and I can't work for a mental health facility in two years in a 50 mile radius. The good thing about this was the judge threw the $75,000 grand judgement out. But now I am unemployed. I know it was my fault for signing a non-compete agreement and working for a competitor, but to be honest I didn't know it was even going to stand up in court and as well I did not know Company A would actually use the time, resources and money to sue me! I was just a average employee at company A! I was a nobody in that company! Anyways, just beware of non-compete agreements and careful when signing one, you don't want to end up like me!

By the way hi guys, I haven't been on in awhile! Hope all is well, just wanted to share my story! Smile

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Wow! That is terrible. Especially since you were not a key employee. That is usually for executives and sales staff (are you sales?). Being that I work in contracts, do not ever dismiss what you sign, even from a furniture company, they will hold you to every letter.

I don't have a non-compete agreeement, but according to federal law, in my position, I cannot work for a company that I previously issued a contract for (makes perfect sense as I have valuable knowledge which can damage the governement), but that is a different issue entirely.

One final note to all, be wary of recruiters and do not confuse them with hiring managers (I'm not sure if you were scouted by a recruiter or not). Remember, you are the recruiter's product, not their client and will tell you anything to get their commission.

Ace, I wish you luck and hope you find something quick.
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Are you kidding me? We need to talk contact me.
Ace King have you found a new job yet? Can you work in the field still? I am so sorry this happened to you. I had a do not compete before and was sued. Judge threw it out. Another employee at the company was sued also at the same time they did it to me. Judge found for him in his case also. He said that this company could not expect employees to stay out of the work force for two years after leaving them. Hope you found work.
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WOW!! I must have missed this post in October!! Let me say I'm so sorry you're in /were in such a tough spot. I hope it's all worked out.

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