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Not sure which College
Ok guys, I'm totally new to this- I have been considering going bk to school for some time- I'm not sure which college to attend...

Here is what I want to do: I have some credits from my previous college courses... I want to get my degree in either political science, history, communications or social science.

I want to go to Law school after wards and I need to get my degree as fast as possible.

Is there any major that is easy to get your degree in compared to other majors?

I'm considering attending TESC..

Please help..
One big draw of TESC is that the 33 credit area of concentration can consist of 2 100 level courses and any combination of 200,300 & 400 level courses. That provides a lot of flexibility. The BA Social Sciences allows you to pull from any of those three areas that interest you, which gives you plenty of opportunities to fulfill UL credits via DSST, EXE and TECEP tests. Bottom line you should be able to test out of most if not all the degree, which ultimately makes it one of the fastest.

All of that is beside the fact that with TESC you can use free FEMA credits (which you can earn over two weekends) to fulfill 27 elective credits....that knocks off just under a year right there.

Thomas Edison State College | BA in Social Sciences Credit Distribution
Excelsior - BS Business 2008
Son #1 TESC BSBA Computer Information Systems completed June 2010
Son #2 TESC BA Computer Science completed November 2010 Currently in Florida State (FSU) Masters CS program and loving it

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