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OMG, I need glasses! What would you do?
(10-09-2020, 06:42 PM)bjcheung77 Wrote: Yes, having that extra coverage is great just in case "something" happens to the glasses.  My pairs of glasses has everything BUT transitions, as that's an extremely expensive add-on that I can't afford.  I rather keep a nice pair of sunglasses just for that.  For reading or computer use, I also have another pair... but for going out and driving, I have issues seeing further.

I used to keep a pair of prescription sunglasses to go along with my regular glasses, but it was expensive and inconvenient to always have to carry multiple pairs of glasses. Once transitions came out I jumped at that since it is cheaper than a second pair of glasses and is so convenient. Plus, from what I am told, they are blue-blocking by nature, so you can also use them as computer glasses.

So I generally have transitions on all my lenses these days. I only have to worry about a single pair of glasses, which I generally only replace every 5 years or so. So I find them to be pretty cost-effective if you look at that cost as offsetting the other costs. Smile
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