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Old LPN courses
Unless you live in NJ, TESC can be expensive -- as an out of state college.

EC is better in that way and I think I have seen other posts here where some have already gotten a BS in History from EC. Some of these have even posted where they studied and took the GRE and got credits for the History major this way.

Poke around a little and perhaps, if you get lucky, one of them are still on the forum and will chime in.

Thanks for the suggestions- Jennifer especially. For now I'll start with the algebra (even though I am completely math-phobic), and whatever gaps I see that I can take now before I commit to a program. There are a few more history and writing courses I want to take anyway!
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DSST-2010 HTYH 463, Ethics in America 433, Sub. Abuse 444, 2011 Art of the Western World 67, Civil War and Recon. 58, Org. Behavior 64, 2010 Env. and Humanity 68, Hist. of the Vietnam War 76, 2011 Intro World Religions 451, 2013 Rise and Fall of the Soviet Union 62, Technical Writing 60, Business Ethics and Society 449.
TEEX- 2013 Cyber Security classes x 3
DACC and IU: Speech, Psych, Rhetoric, Creative Writing
I have a friend who is interested in the history major that Excelsior offers.

I gave her these two degree plans:

I hope this helps!
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* Link posted with permission from forum admin; thank you!

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