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Online/CDRom Courses at Excelsior?
Anyone taking online or cdrom courses at Excelsior? I have taken U.S. Immigrant and Ethnic History, History of U.S. Foriegn Policy and International Terrorism.

Question is which upper level courses reading requirement is less intensive?? For example International Terrorism was just one book easy to read. Both of the history courses required you to read 2 or 3 books. I have no problem with the required writing but would like to pick upper level courses that are less reading intensive. I am not a fast reader so the less I have to do the better and would give me time to study for an exam.

Suggestions would be most welcome.
Hi, I've taken 2 CD ROM courses. One was CJ 450 (terrorism) and the other was (Motivational Psych) I have a background in terrorism so it was real easy. It's not what I was expecting though.

The format I had on both was to read a/ book(s) and do a midterm paper of about 750 words and a final paper of about a 2000 words. You also must take a "midterm & Final" which are typically 5 questions each that must be written out in paragraph format.

From what I could deduce they are not overly stringent or harsh on the grading but do expect good work and quality. Here's the kicker though; In both classes I took they want supplemental sources to factor into your paper. IF you know how to shovel "it" - you won't have any problems. I've found both teachers to be quite helpful and quick to respond.

But be advised! You need to write, and thus learn APA format for writing as well as citing sources. I don't advise the "black bible" instead their are some good short(er) books that explain this. It's a total pain to learn at first, but I'm glad I took the time. It has helped me tremendously and got me an "A" on freshman comp- as their was a lot of questions on citation. If you have any more questions just ask.

The nice thing about the CD ROM option is you can totally blast through the material at your own pace....Ps sorry about the poor writing its "3am" and I just drove back from seeing Matchbox 20 in San Jose- I also saw Alanis Morreset, 3am, Hmmm, isn't it ironic? don't ya think?
Thanks for the great responses. Ive taken 3 online courses so far at Excelsior and am familier with the exam essays and 2 papers you have to write. I did stress alot over the APA format on my first class. When I was attending a community college in the early 90s we never used APA so it was all foreign to me. Im a pro now.

Actually I did look to see how many books are required prior to registering for my last course. Thats how I found International Terrorism! One text and you usually just had to read one small chapter a week! I did find the history courses to be reading intensive. Int Ter was way easier overall then the two history courses.
Runner4064 Wrote:You also must take a "midterm & Final" which are typically 5 questions each that must be written out in paragraph format.

Hi Runner,

Are these "midterm & final" exams timed, and must they be taken online? Or are they like a take-home exam that you complete in your own time and then submit your final answers when you are ready?

Thanks for your feedback,
My name is Rob
Exams/Courses Passed (43):
- Courses (4): 1 Excelsior, 1 CSU-Pueblo, 2 Penn Foster.
- Exams (39): 24 DSST, 15 CLEP.

Total Credits: 142 (12 not used).
[SIZE=1]GPA: 4.0
Hi Rob, The midterm & finals consist of (5) paragraph type questions that you answer on your own. From my experiences the teacher gives you like 8 m.t & 8 final questions and tells you to pick 5 each. For example one of my midterm Q's for psych went along the lines of: What are the effects of "graveyard" shift work and how do it relate on sleep patterns, health, seritonin levels, etc.?

Terrorism Q. Do you agree with the current policies of the U.S. Govt in regards to terrorism? Do you think they help quell terrorism or perpetuate it?

The final papers are in essence wide open as long as they apply to the topic. I did my Terrorism paper on "unilateral domestic preparedness." My Psy. paper was on the motivation of bodybuilding. It's a fascinating sub-culture that I observe every winter as I take time off from endurance training to become a gym-rat for 6 weeks. I actually enjoyed doing the report and I think that is the key. Find what you are interested in and just link it to your report.

The BEST part of these courses is that you can spend 14 hours per day on the work and be done in a week- if so inclined. The downside- without employee assistance they are very pricey (about $800, plus book(s).:eek:
OK, I hope that helped if you have anymore questions feel free to askSmile
Yes! That helped a lot, thank you!

It's great that we are finally getting some practical information about the various Excelsior courses. Excelsior gives hardly any useful details about each course prior to paying the fee. I can't think of any other product for which I would pay $850 up-front without knowing EXACTLY what it is I am actually buying.

The information you guys are providing is invaluable.

Thank you very much,
My name is Rob
Exams/Courses Passed (43):
- Courses (4): 1 Excelsior, 1 CSU-Pueblo, 2 Penn Foster.
- Exams (39): 24 DSST, 15 CLEP.

Total Credits: 142 (12 not used).
[SIZE=1]GPA: 4.0
It is great to see a discussion about Excelsior online/cdrom courses here. Im sure many are like me who are enrolled in the military option and have to take some of their courses. I enjoy the discussions. Ive only taken upper level courses. The midterm and final for those were 5 essay questions. You get the exam thursday and it is due sunday. One 750 word paper and one 2000 word paper..some have quizes mixed in.

I registered for Counter Terrorism today. Only one book required. Hoping it is similar to International Terrorism in required reading.

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