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Online Degree new TESU equivalency list
TESU just finished a new evaluation for me. I had 4 OD classes on it and they did not all come in like the list I had printed from them a while ago, so I looked on there website and it has been updated. Sorry if this has been posted already, but I haven't seen it. Course                                                                                TESU Equivalency 
EV103 - Environmental Science-Climate Change and the Cryosphere                ENS-130 Environmental Science-Climate Change
EC101 - Economics-Introduction to Microeconomics                                       ECO-112 Microeconomics
CJ103 - Criminal Justice-Cybersecurity & Cybercrime                                      AOJ-228 Cybercrime
NU102 - Nutrition & Health-Body Sculpting with Diet & Exercise                      FIT-125 Body Sculpting
HS103 - History-Turning Points in Modern History 15th Century to Present       HIS-122 World History II
PS101 - Psychology-Introduction to Psychology                                             PSY-101 Intro Psychology
HC101 - Healthcare-Introduction to Public Health                                           HEA-150 Intro to Public Health
ED103 - Education-Language & Literacy in Education                                     EDU-121 Fund. of Literacy Instruction
AS101 - Astronomy-Introduction to Cosmology                                              AST-101 Introductory Astronomy
RB101 - Robotics-Introduction to Robotics                                                     CTR-221 Robotics Technology
CS101 - Computer Science-Introduction to Programming                                COS-111 Intro to Programming
BS101 - Business-Introduction to Strategy & Marketing                                   MAR-201 Introduction to Marketing
BG101 - Biology-Organisms and Ecosystems                                                  BIO-105 Organisms and Ecosystems
CK101 - Cooking-Introduction to Culinary Skills                                               HOE-111 Food Preparation I
BS102 - Business-Introduction to Accounting & Finance                                   ACC-101 Principles of Financial Accounting

I can verify that Astronomy, History, Biology, and Healthcare transfered to TESU as listed here.
Myself:Pierpont BOG (May 2018), TESU BALA
CC: 34cr 1979-95
SL: Bus Ethics, Rel, Nutrition
Shmoop: E-commerce, Prof Writing
SC: Per Finance, Intro Biology, Basic Genetics, Prin Health, Hist Vietnam War, Pres Skills, Human Dev, Nat Sciences, Soc Psy, Comp Literacy, Special ED Hist & Law
Sophia: Managing Conflict, Dev Eff Teams
My son: Started 3/2017 TESU ASNSM in CS (June 2018) & TESU BA Learner-Designed (Software Dev/Web Design Heart )
CSU Global: Basic Prog CBE, Programming I & II
Hodges: HW Support Essentials, HW & Op Systems, Computer Applications, Eng Comp I, Web Design & Dev, Web Applications
SL: Bus Ethics, Intro Business, Religion, Cultural Anthropology, Intro Psy,
SC: Prin Mgmt, Info Systems & Comp Apps, Org Behavior, Intro to Computing, Prin Supervision, Earth Sc, Physical Geog, Hist VN War, College Alg, College Math, Pre Calc, Quantitative Lit, Am Gov
TEEX: Cyber Everyone, Cyber Bus. Prof
Sophia: Managing Conflict, Visual Com, Effective Teams, Project Mgmt
CLEP: Comp Modular, An & Inter Lit(Yuck-did not pass)
ED4Credit: Eng Comp II
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Body Sculpting. Wow. At least it'll be a free elective and only costs nine bucks. Bummer that it's not science, but thank you so much for the list! I think you're the first one to share it.
10-year member

MS Applied Nutrition, 2014 Canisius College, NY
Premed/Prenursing Sciences, 2011 Ocean County College, NJ
BA Social Science, 2008 Thomas Edison State University, NJ
AA General Studies, 2008 Thomas Edison State University, NJ
AOS Culinary Arts,1990 Culinary Institute of America, NY

Homeschooling for College Credit
Thanks for sharing this new update!  Smile

I literally just pulled up the old map a day ago and was wondering if it could be trusted or not. 

I had a hard time finding it on their website, but here is the link for the new TESU Online Degree Course Map.
I can verify that the Environmental course comes in as you said ENS 130

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