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Online Masters in Computer Science + thesis?
(07-08-2024, 09:37 PM)study-warrior21 Wrote:
(07-01-2024, 03:43 PM)swellguy Wrote: Quick update, I ended up applying and getting accepted to UT Austin's MSCSO program for this fall semester.

Congrats! Did you happen to complete any Sophia or ACE credits before WGU? If so, how did you list them on your application?

I did take all possible sophia courses(didn't take any SDC courses), I listed the ones I took in a previous post I made which you can find on my profile.
I didn't list any of the sophia courses on my application, I just sent an unofficial version of my WGU transcript.
I don't think this is necessary if you do a BSCS, but in my Statement Of Purpose I explained what WGU related courses line up with their course prereq requirements.
I also didn't send in any letters of recommendation.
I assume that my statement of purpose + 4 years of relevant work experience contributed to getting accepted.
(07-09-2024, 11:01 PM)swellguy Wrote: I also didn't send in any letters of recommendation.

Wow. OMSCS biggest challenge for online bachelor's graduate is the requirements for three recommendation letter, preferably from the academia. UT Austin's MSCSO seems to be more accessible for online bachelor's graduate then.
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Actually, GT is slightly easier to get into than UT-Austin... So most members here have applied to that first and at the same time applied to UT-Austin and a few others as back up options just in case either one doesn't accept them. Offer
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