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Online courses are cost effective but detrimental to learning?
I'm going to be introverted regardless. I'm fine with doing presentations, and I've taught classes. I just don't like small talk.
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I think there is truth to the study. I for one prefer taking classes in person and being able to get the lecture in person. However, with that, I like professors who record their lectures. I have done online classes and the forum postings are boring and I don't get much out of them. Sometimes an online class makes sense because there is no other way to get the information.

Now with multitasking, it may depend. For example from 2009 - 2010 I did a lot of driving for work. I would listen to iTunes University courses and then test out of the class via DSST. Now I always took a pre-test and would just re-listen to the subject matter over and over until I felt I was ready. Maybe driving is different but I think it depends on the tasks and what is being done. For example, a visual task and an audio task may be able to be combined.

I also think age is a factor since I have two boys in the university and I notice them multitasking sometimes while studying. It shows that they are doing so and going to class seems to help them. They now hate online classes and try to avoid them and test out of easy courses when possible.
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I have been here enjoying learning and validating my studies for many years. This forum has a tremendous amount of information and support. My family travels internationally and we write about what we see at and I also post some of my papers online here.

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