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Online graduate colleges that accept Augustana VESi courses for graduate credit?
Hey there,
I've looked all over the forum and most of the info on VESi and the graduate colleges that will accept these courses through Augustana, Morningside, SUU, and etc as graduate credit is a bit spotty. Someone says one thing and someone says it's different a couple years later.

If anyone could chime in that has done anything with VESi and used their coursework recently for graduate credit at ANY online college towards ANY degree, that would be super helpful! Smile

As of right now, Amberton University APPEARS to still accept any 12 graduate credits to be transferred in for their MA in Professional Development Degree from any regionally accredited college.

I emailed their Advisor and they said that if they received a transcript from a regionally accredited college that listed a completed academic course (not PLUs or CEUs) with a grade of "B" or above (such as from Augustana: EDUC 625V Harassment, Bullying & Cyber-Intimidation in Schools) that they WOULD accept those as transferred graduate credits towards the Prof. Dev. Degree. He did not mention that it would matter if they were Education-geared courses - he just said ANY graduate credits.

To be a Guinea Pig, I just finished a VESi course through Augustana (EDUC 625V Harassment, Bullying & Cyber-Intimidation in Schools) and will have to wait a couple weeks before I see if I got a B or higher (I think and HOPE I did - I aced all the exams so it just comes down to grading my essays). Then I will apply to Amberton and see once and for all if it will transfer or not. As of right now, after reading up on the subject here on the forum and asking Amberton's Advisor, it APPEARS like it should work. But I'll know for sure come mid-September. And then I'll let you all know as well. I don't wanna take another VESi course just yet just in case it DOES NOT transfer and then I will have spent extra $ and time on a hopeless endeavor with my fingers crossed the whole time Smile

Anyways, if anyone else knows of other colleges that accept VESi- graduate credits from Augustana, SUU, etc for any program, let me know!

I'm also aware of Morningside's MA in Teaching Degree. As of Nov 2014, they only allow 8 VESi-credits and you have to do it through them - AND they have research papers and case studies to go along with their VESi courses these days - so it's basically a regular class now. AND you have to be a certified teacher to go for it anyways.

Does anyone know if Excelsior will accept 15 credits of VESi-earned credits for their MALS degree? I'm not sure if they would because they're EDUCATION-related courses (not humanities, social science).

ANY knowledge to add to this discussion would be greatly appreciated. Thanks everybody! Smile

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Online graduate colleges that accept Augustana VESi courses for graduate credit? - by kevinmane - 08-17-2015, 06:16 PM

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