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Online proctoring and Linux?
I'm a long time Linux user and don't own any computers with Mac or Windows. I vaguely recall people either having difficulties or simply being unable to use RPNow or ProctorU with Linux, however I wasn't able to find any information about this on the wiki or searching here. I'd be glad to add this to the wiki once I figure it out.

Succinctly my question is: can you use successfully use Linux (I use Debian) for taking proctored exams through RPNow or ProctorU (any others I should know about? Those are the main two I've come across for SDC and e.g. ASU UL)
I don't think you can. Even Mac can be iffy sometimes, when it comes to proctoring. IIRC, ASU courses with proctoring do have an initial pre-course "sample" proctor exam where you are allowed to go through a dry run with the RPNow system. You install the software and do everything you would normally do, including a 2 question "exam" to see how everything works. You can do this before paying for the course, so you know whether you even want to pay for the upgrade.

Depending on what school you intend to go to, you should be able to take exams from Saylor (their proctor uses a Chrome browser extension), you can use Davar if you can find a local proctor, and you might be able to take LawShelf courses.

You might want to consider temporarily buying, borrowing, or renting a Windows computer for exam purposes. If you're in the US, pawn shops sometimes have extremely cheap computers. You don't need anything high-end. Just about anything that runs Windows 10 should work.
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ProctorU - Operating Systems (last updated August 19, 2021):

Neither will support GNU/Linux.
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OK, thank you both! I will get a cheap Windows computer for testing. I added what you shared to the wiki here -
Yes, I would recommend a very basic windows laptop for portability...
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