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Oral Communication req silliness
Degree programs at TESU generally expect COM-209 Public Speaking as an Oral Communications credit. However, some programs, including the BS in Cybersecurity, formerly expected ENG-202 Technical Communication instead. Under previous catalogs, neither COM-209 nor ENG-201 was accepted in that slot. Worse, students are not allowed to earn credit for both ENG-201 Technical Writing and ENG-202 Technical Communication. 
Thankfully, it seems that these oddball programs now accept COM-209 under the latest edition of the university catalog. 
Unfortunately, I found myself enrolled under an older catalog with both COM-209 and ENG-201 already on my transcript. Upon repeated inquiries, TESU advising staff unhelpfully instructed me to take ENG-201 at TESU and throw away my ENG-202 credit. That seemed like a silly idea, so I refused and asked for other options. 
Finally, I discovered the option to appeal. I sent an email to outlining the issue and arguing that COM-209 should be allowed to fulfill my degree requirement based on its inclusion in the current catalog. The next day, I received a reply acknowledging receipt and pending review by the dean. The dean granted my appeal the day after that, and staff promptly adjusted my academic evaluation accordingly. This whole appeal process was surprisingly fast and painless. 
If anyone is in a similar predicament, try sending in an appeal requesting a waiver of the academic requirement. Respectfully and concisely explain the situation in an email to the contact address for your school at TESU.
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