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Passed Management Info Systems and Principles of Supervision
I just passed Passed Management Info Systems and Principles of Supervision tonight.
As a professional software developer, the MIIS test was a piece of cake.
The principles of supervision is very very doable if you have already passed the clep principles of management.
I guessed on many of the supervision test and still got a 450 where a 400 is a passing score.
I killed the MIIS with a 478.

Now to take the TECEP Business Policy and get one more comp sci elective and business elective and I am done with my BSBA CIS!

My next business elective will be intro to business and that should be a piece of cake after doing all these finance, management, accounting etc and I think I'll just pick up an A+ certification for 2 more credits of CIS that I need.
BSBA CIS from TESC, BA Natural Science/Math from TESC
MBA Applied Computer Science from NCU
Enrolled at NCU in the PhD Applied Computer Science
Congrats. MIS is fun.

[SIZE="1"]CLEP Principles of Management 77[/SIZE]
[SIZE="1"]CLEP Intro to Sociology 74[/SIZE]
[SIZE="1"]CLEP Principles of Marketing 78[/SIZE]
[SIZE="1"]CLEP Information Systems and Computer Applications 75[/SIZE]
[SIZE="1"]CLEP Intro to Psychology 80 [/SIZE]
[SIZE="1"]CLEP Intro Business Law 72[/SIZE]
[SIZE="1"]CLEP Principles of Macroeconomics 73[/SIZE]
[SIZE="1"]CLEP A & I Lit 75[/SIZE]
[SIZE="1"]CLEP Principles of Microeconomics 72[/SIZE]
[SIZE="1"]CLEP Financial Accounting 62[/SIZE]
[SIZE="1"]DSST Ethics in America 468[/SIZE]
[SIZE="1"]CLEP Natural Science 72[/SIZE]
[SIZE="1"]DSST Org Behavior 80[/SIZE]
[SIZE="1"]DSST Finance 462[/SIZE]
[SIZE="1"]Next: ALEKS Jail (College Algebra) Going dark to finish[/SIZE]
GREAT job!!!! Smile

Which did you think was tougher: Priniciples of Supervision or Principles of Management?
Regis University, ITESO, Global MBA with a focus in Emerging Markets 4.0 GPA, Dual-university degree (Spanish/English) 
COSC BS, Business Admin

My BS Credits:
Spanish 80 | Humanities 67 | A & I Lit 72 | Sub Abuse 452 | Bus Ethics 445 | Tech Writ 62 | Math 53 | HTYH 454 | Am. Govt 65 | Env & Humanity 64 | Marketing 65 | Micro 61| Mgmt 63| Org Behavior 65| MIS 446|Computing 432 | BL II 61 | M&B 50 | Finance 411 | Supervision 437| Intro Bus. 439| Law Enforcement 63|  SL: Accounting I B | Accounting II C+| Macro A | ECE: Labor Relations A | Capstone: A| FEMA PDS Cert 
Hard to say since I have been in the business forever, MIIS was a breeze. I finished in about 20 minutes. I couldn't click the mouse fast enough.

If you are not working in the industry MIIS is much tougher.
BSBA CIS from TESC, BA Natural Science/Math from TESC
MBA Applied Computer Science from NCU
Enrolled at NCU in the PhD Applied Computer Science

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