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Penn State: Free PR Ethics Certs
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Can you tell us a little more about this?
BA, Sociology 
Certificate, Paralegal Studies
Certificate, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in the Workplace

Other coursework done on Sophia, Saylor Academy and ENEB.  
Has anyone done this yet? I would like to see the certifcate. Does anyone know if you get a final certificate after you do all 12, for the entire program? I know you get one after each module. Thanks
It won't even let you see the time limit on each module. That would be good to know.
Would be nice to have some info without being forced to sign up for something. Is there another page that has info?
UMPI YourPace Alumni: BLS with Management Information Systems, Project Management, and Management Minors 
Graduated March 2021

UMPI YourPace: BA Business Administration with Marketing Concentration
Currently Enrolled: Graduating March 2022

#6 is all I found.

AP Tests: 20 credits | APICS: 12 Credits | CLEP: 6 credits Saylor Academy: 6 credits 27 credits | 12 credits | Davar Academy: 3 credits
TESU: 15 credits | Other College: 99.5 credits
[Image: PXL-20220114-172832359-2.jpg]certs look like that.
Two multiple choice quizzes per module. Unlimited attempts. Module is basically text articles. Not much to any of it.
Harvard Extension School - MLA In Progress
U. Isabel I/ENEB - Master of Business & Corporate Communication
COSC - BS Business Admin.
Pierpont C&T - AAS English
Arizona State U - 31 cr
ACE (Straighterline/Sophia/Shmoop/ - 157 cr
NCCRS (Davar) - 15 cr
I have completed 2 modules so far. The information is presented well. The assessments are true/false and multiple answer. You can reset the assessment and restart with the same question multiple times. It would be nice if they gave a final certificate when you finish the program (12 modules). The certificates don't look that good and I doubt they keep track of who attended if you were to use it on a resume.
These remind me of those TEEX Cybersecurity freebies, I mean you get a mini cert after each course is completed. It also reminds me of those free/inexpensive certs from universities that provide from like the UofArizona and the USF options...
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