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Periyar University Online
The article says you can take proctored exams from anywhere and so this might be possible for a non-Indian citizen to attend.  This could be of interest because Indian university degrees are typically ultra-affordable.
Periyar University launches Online Degree Programmes | MENAFN.COM
Periyar University,Salem
The BA in English requires 4 semesters of Tamil. The Bachelor of Commerce requires 2 semesters of Tamil or any other language.

Foreign students pay 76,000Rs ($1040USD) for all four years for the Bachelor's degrees.

The MBA is about $1450USD.
MSc in Maths, M.Communications, & MA English is $1242.
MA History is $833.

After some back and forth with their online chat, they do say that you can take exams from anywhere.

The admission process looks a little bit daunting. And Indian degrees aren't always well-thought-of. But having a degree for about a grand might make it worth it to some people. There would be no accelerating these degrees, though.

ID: demo_periyar_student
Password: password
In progress:
Pierpont - AAS BOG
TESU - BA Computer Science; BSBA CIS; ASNSM Math & CS; ASBA

Sophia (30 courses), The Institutes (old), (5 courses)
ASU: Human Origins, Astronomy, Intro Health & Wellness, Western Civilization, Computer Appls & Info Technology, Intro Programming

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