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Picking college for IT after finishing CCAF
Just finished all REQ. for my CCAF, just waiting on everything to be process and go to go so I can send off my official transcripts to colleges. Really interested in doing IT management or Computer networks and cyber security. I want my credits to transfer as much as possible, I don't want to go to a school and start off with a low number of transferred credits. I've looked into au-abc and for my degree there are not too many that are regionally accredited maybe like 1. I have a CCAF in ( ELECTRONIC SYSTEMS TECHNOLOGY ). I was looking into WGU like a lot of other people have put on here but I believe it said they don't take transfer credit only credit for certs? So that leaves me with Bellevue University as they will accept 60credit hours, and UMUC which I have just started speaking to but the advisor said there are other people with the same ccaf as me that transferred fully. I also plan on going guard within 2 years and from the information I've found you have to attend at least half classes at the school to receive full BAH from post 911? So I guess my question is first of what's a decent school that I should try to contact to get as much transfer as possible? 2nd question is what do I do if I go to an online school then get out and start using GI bill/ Post 911, is it best to transfer to a local school or just continue. Sorry if I rambled around. Thanks for you time!
Also Im in a not so comm related career field so I have 0 Certs, nor do I work with computers or networks. Im Radio Freq. Transmissions.
Excelsior and Thomas Edison State University have electronics and IT programs, and they are two of the three most flexible schools in accepting transfer credits for 4-year degrees. WGU does accept transfer credits from regionally accredited schools, nationally accredited schools, and companies with ACE-reviewed courses. However, WGU will not accept transfer credits after you enroll. Also, WGU does not have a program that can utilize your electronics courses. I know you want to do something IT-related, but WGU's programs do not have room for free electives. You'll be able to transfer general education courses, and your electronics courses won't be applied to your degree because there's no room for them.
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The Big 3 are all good schools - the main issue here is that the credits you have and want to transfer don't necessarily "match" the degree you want. You're basically saying that you have the equivalent of an AA in Electronics, but then you want to completely switch degrees for you BA. It's like if I went to a school and got an AA in English Lit, and took a bunch of Lit courses - and then wanted to transfer to a school and switch my degree to Business. It's just going to be difficult to make my old courses fit into a completely new degree program. It has nothing to do with how good the school is, or how great the new program is - I'm just trying to make a square peg fit into a round hole.

More than trying to fit your old credits into a new program, it's more important to find a program (or several) that you like, and want to pursue - and then applying at all of them, and seeing not just what they accept from your old degree, but what kinds of courses you have left, and how much it will be to finish.
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I'm Rf transmissions as well and currently and I'm going to Embry Riddle. They took my CCAF and gave me 60 credits for it and my degree is a Bachelor's of science in Technical management. They're primarily an aeronautical school though. Hope that helps a little!
Thank you for your service!

First, take everything you can while you still get TA. Max that puppy out. Because, free money.

Next, you're kinda mixing 2 separate requirements of the GI Bill housing stipend. First, in order to get *any* stipend, you have to go at least half-time. Any period that you drop below half time (like, if there's a break between terms), your stipend drops, too. And they do calculate it to. the. day. Next, the *amount* of your stipend is based upon school format - if you go solely online, the BAH is a lot lower than for a brick & mortar school. However, all you need is ONE brick & mortar class in order to qualify for the BAH based upon the *school's* zipcode (not your home/post). So it doesn't matter if you go FT at a B&M or if you just take one class there and 2 others online, you'll qualify for the B&M BAH. And finally, the BAH is prorated. For the max, you need to take at least 12 credits ("full time") Anything less than that will be prorated. (I can give you the calculations, or talk to your education officer.)

But seriously, set yourself up in the best possible way *before* you leave AD. In this economy, the transition can be bumpy. (Sez this milspouse who has finally unpacked *all* of the dishes, now that hubs has retired after 26yrs AD.)

ETA - as far as *where* you go...if you're looking online, TESU, AMU, and Excelsior are very familiar with military training/transfer and offer cybersecurity/IT degrees. If you're looking at a 2ish year window before you go Guard, then try to get as much done *before* you get out as you can, saving your GI Bill for grad school, or in case something comes up where you really need/want to change fields. For now, put your head down and plow through that first bachelors as much as possible while AD. It'll give you more options when you do get out.
Check ecpi university they will accept your CCAF:

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