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Please help with a quick degree for a promotion
Correct me if I'm wrong but from what I see on the site that program would also require a cornerstone for 1855 and a capstone for 2200

Tuition for the independent, subscription-based Associate of Science in Professional Studies and the Bachelor of Science in Professional Studies is $195.00 per month plus $100.00 for each Assessment of Skills and Knowledge taken plus $1,855.00 for PR299: Capstone (associate's) and $2,200.00 for PR 499: Capstone (bachelor's).

Cash only
Outstanding loans cannot be deferred

So if you need financial aid or need to defer student loan payments, then you're out of luck.
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As an international student those financing options aren't even open to me.
The more I'm learning about these schools the more I'm leaning towards just doing a tech related degree at COSC IT or maaaaybe even TESU CS. May take somewhat longer but the ballpark for price is around the same and at least they're sort of related to my work.
If I were fluent in one or more foreign languages, I would go for TESU. You can get almost all of your AoS, Electives, and many GE courses completed just from language testing alone.

Hungarian has the OPI (speaking to a live human) for $165 - up to 12cr (6UL/6LL)
German has the OPI/OPIc, LPT, RPT, WPT for up to 36cr (12UL/24LL)
Japanese has the OPI/OPIc & WPT for up to 24cr (12UL/12LL)

You can do them in any combination.

The TESU BALS degree will allow space for 15cr of UL in the AoS (so 3 exams scored at the top level); and roughly 15cr of LL in the AoS (same exams); and then maybe 30cr of Free Electives. Without knowing exactly how many credits you have for each course, I can't give you exact numbers except that you have no UL.

So if you took the Hungarian OPI exam and scored high, you'd get 12cr (6UL/6LL)
If you took the German OPIc and scored high, you'd get another 12cr (6UL/6LL)
One more exam (Japanese OPIc, German WPT) gives you another 12cr (6UL/6LL)
This fills the AoS, both UL and LL
Then 3 more LL exams (German or Japanese LPT, German RPT for example) and your Free Electives are full. You could literally get these done in a day or two.

That just leaves Ethics and Civic Engagement (I'd probably just do for a month and do those there).

Then, enroll for your cornerstone and capstone. Done. Not the cheapest option, but certainly the fastest in terms of getting your credits done.


I might also apply to EC for the BSL and see what they do with those ACTFL exams to see if they're any better, since that degree is cheaper. I have no idea if they will bring everything in the same as TESU, but it's certainly worth asking.

You'd still need Ethics (I'd do an UL one at and then 1 more UL free elective course (also from - CompSci 303: Database Management would work), and you'd be done.


TESU is $6,500 for 6cr (Cornerstone and Capstone)
EC is $4,000 for 7cr (Info Lit, Cornerstone and Capstone)
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(11-14-2021, 04:38 AM)rachel83az Wrote: Bear in mind that one of the cheapest/easiest ways to get credit for the degree is the W3Schools PHP exam.

Could you clarify what W3Schools means?  And what PHP means?
W3Schools is W3Schools. It's hard to explain beyond that. At its core, it's a site for learning various programming languages. PHP is PHP. A programming language.
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(11-23-2021, 06:00 PM)rachel83az Wrote: W3Schools is W3Schools. It's hard to explain beyond that. At its core, it's a site for learning various programming languages. PHP is PHP. A programming language.

Oh I see, I misunderstood what you were originally referring to. Thanks for the quick answer.

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