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(Possibly) cheapest credits for TESU Comp Sci degree
I'm interested in taking an individual class and see if transfers in. Will give it a shot. Has anyone transfered the credits to tesu successfully?
(09-26-2022, 08:39 AM)rachel83az Wrote: For 579€, Metropolia University has 180 ECTS for an IT/Comp Sci degree. Course descriptions are here:
Registration is here:

Includes Discrete Math, several programming languages, artificial intelligence, cloud computing, a couple of gen eds (economics, Finnish) and more. 

If you just want to take a few of the courses, they're available here:

I believe that this is the first 3 years of their Bachelor's degree in IT which means that some of these may count as UL credits when evaluated. 

This is potentially 90+ US credits for about $760USD ($195 evaluation fee + 579€), or less than $8.50USD per credit.
afaik in some parts of europe bachelors are 3 years long and the Bachelor in IT is a BEng so after 4 years in germany you would be a Dipl. Ing. (FH) not a bachelor grad

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