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Post your Test Results!
I forgot about the CLEPs I took before I started my accelerated bachelors program:

English Comp w/Essay - 89
Analyzing & Interpreting Lit - 92
US History 1865-Present - 62

I wish I could give you info for the A & I Lit test cjonn, other than you're reading passages and then answering about 4 or 5 questions about it.....that is if it hasn't changed too much in a little over a year.

Best I can tell you to do is use the flash cards here to see how well your innate ability to A & I does. Use what you discover to better adapt, such as, once you read the passage and answer the questions, try to see if you have a pattern of the way you interpret. From there, correct if necessary. Cool
#22 paying attention to the attachment notes that explain the correct answer you will have what you need to successfully pass this test. That's all I did AND IT PROVED TO BE ENOUGH.
passed the intro to psych exam with a 60. less than a week prepping with instant cert, thanks again guys!
Ok, being military (tests are free), I've taken a heck of a lot of exams. Here's the scores for everything I've taken using ONLY study preparation. The first number is my score, and the one in parentheses is the cutoff score:

67 (50) History of U.S. I (CLEP)
67 (50) History of U.S. II (CLEP)
66 (50) Introductory Sociology (CLEP)
61 (50) Principles of Macroeconomics (CLEP)
61 (50) Principles of Microeconomics (CLEP)
70 (46) Management Information Systems (DANTES)
71 (50) Principles of Management (CLEP)
63 (50) Introductory Psychology (CLEP)
63 (48) Here's to your Health (DANTES)
57 (49) Drug and Alcohol Abuse (DANTES)
70 (46) Ethics in America (DANTES)
63 (46) Principles of Supervision (DANTES)
63 (48) Introduction to World Religions (DANTES)
55 (47) General Anthropology (DANTES)
46 (47) The Civil War and Reconstruction (DANTES) (my only failure!)
66 (46) Introduction to Business (DANTES)
61 (49) Criminal Justice (DANTES)
64 (46) Human Resource Management (DANTES)
57 (45) Introduction to Law Enforcement (DANTES)
51 (48) Money and Banking (DANTES)
49 (46) Principles of Finance (DANTES)

Studying for me is usually a two step process.

1) I say "with this test I'm really going to buckle down and devote time and thought and energy to this".

2) Two days before the test I say "oh crap I forgot to study", and cram the next two nights in a row.

Obviously, has pulled me through even still. I've retaken Civil War using only InstantCert (but devoting a little more time) -- hopefully I can correct my one failure Smile.

Still moving along, but I have completed:

World Civ 1 68
Information Systems and Applications 78
Humanities 63
American Govt 63

Rise and Fall of the Soviet Union- 51 (before it was posted here...killin me)

I had Public Speaking schedule with SU, but they didnthave the materials so I hade set another date. I have Pub Speaking and Ethics for the end of the month and plan CLEP sociology and management in the next two weeks.

I am also a Raving Fan of this sight...Thanks for making this alot easier!

Big Grin
I am working on a History Degree with Thomas Edison State College. These are the CLEP tests I have passed before instacert. I joined instacert mainly because of finding limited resources for the DSST's.

Humanities 59

Hint, a lot of opera questions when I took it

History of US I 61

I took this in the late 90's in Germany using a system called PLATO. Similar format to ICERT

Info Sys & Computer Apps 68

Studied two primers plus alot of personal knowledge.

I am planning on taking the following DSST in the future.

Civil War and Reconstruction probably in March

Rise and Fall of the Soviet Union

Vietnam War

Drugs and Alcohol

These all should get me upper level credit to shorten my time to complete my degree. I contacted the advisement center at the school and got them to plan what tests they will award upper level credit for. I also plan on hitting a few more CLEP's to fill out my General electives.
Test Score

1 Prin of Finance 01/15/04 50 Instantcert
2 Intro to World Religions 09/04/03 66 Instantcert
3 College Spanish Language 08/01/03 80
4 Human Growth & Development 12/01/02 67
5 History of the U.S. to 1877 08/01/03 65 Instantcert
6 History of U.S. II 09/01/03 66 Instantcert
7 Principles of Management 12/01/02 67
8 Freshman College Composition 10/01/02 66
9 Prin of Marketing 09/01/02 71
10 Intro to Sociology 11/01/02 65

I'm very happy with instantcert. I am constantly recommending it to all my college friends.
dipidy Wrote:About how long are you studying for each of these cleps????

[SIZE="3"]I take 3 weeks per exam, but that's just me.[/SIZE]
fszjs1 Wrote:With only a week of prep exclusively using Instacert, I got a 55 on CLEP US History 2.

Like the person before me said, concentrate on Depression up through WWII, and Theodore Roosevelt era. Test wouldn't have been so tough if I had done that Big Grin
Should I Foscus my studies on the great depression through WWII, Theodore Roosevelt era? What about other periods?
After using instantcert "only" for the history 2 test I would concentrate 65% of my effort at minimum on the 1900 to 1950 period. There were very few questions on the last 20 years and very few on pre-1900. I have yet to use ant other resource other than instantcert for my 11 passed clep courses to date and I would certainly tell you though that at times I have seen questions I was unprepared to answer, because instantcert didn't cover them. Yet, my average on tests is about a 60 and Iam comfortable with that result.

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