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Post your Test Results!
What's up!

I'm going through Excelsior College. I had 72 legacy credits from the early 90s to start with. I needed 48 credits or 16 exams to complete my BS, plus the 1 credit Information Literacy course required by Excelsior. Here are my results thus far:

Here's to Your Health 64
Drug and Alcohol Abuse 60 (Upper Level)
Criminal Justice 60
Introduction to Law Enforcement 53
Fundamentals of Counseling 63
Management Information Systems 63 (Upper Level)

I used Instantcert exclusively. Now, if we could only get them to start busting out ECE upper level exams!Wink
I've taken A&E Lit, US His 1, US His 2, and Western Civ 1, and gotten an average of 51pts ea., only using InstantCert and Wikipedia. Smile They aren't the greatest scores, but I'm glad to have passed.

Four down, twenty to go... :/

Smile (BTW, Steve, this was a great idea!)
ViolinGirl Wrote:I've gotten an average of 51pts ea

Glad to hear you're passing, but if your passing scores tend to be cutting it that close, you may want to consider studying the Collegeboard study guide's 50 sample questions for each subject before taking a test--it could boost your final test score by a couple of points... Smile
Thanks, Steve, I will definitely do that. Actually, on my last test, I did the study questions as you suggested, and there was a question about one of the Pharaohs in the study test (CollegeBoard's) which I hadn't studied about here (on InstantCert) I memorized the answer, and they had the same exact question in the real test. I got a 53 on that test, so that probably helped. Smile
Is it hoping against hope to someday..soon. find some upper level courses available. Unless Iam crazy and just missed seeing them..there appears to be very little upper level available. Right or wrong ?
The Collegeboard doesn't indicate any of the CLEP exams as being upper-level credit. As for Upper-level credit Dantes, we've got almost all of those.
Nytwolf Wrote:I forgot about the CLEPs I took before I started my accelerated bachelors program:

English Comp w/Essay - 89
Analyzing & Interpreting Lit - 92
US History 1865-Present - 62

Question: What's the top score you can get with a CLEP? I thought it was 80(?):confused:
Iam one credit short on my english comp and am being told I have to get that credit.. no biggy..but Iam thinking of taking the english comp clep. How what is and how would you describe the type of test and content involved? Thanks!
I only used InstaCert and it worked!!

Had this forum been available earlier, I might have taken more CLEP's and fewer classes. I am currently working on the History II and from I have been reading, I have concentrated in the wrong time frame. Although no time has been wasted knowing the early and the late time frame. I am going to focus more on the 1900 to 1950 area. My test is Tuesday, if I can ever get the scheduling person to answer the phone. This is the last three hours to finish up my degree, so the long weekend is quite valuable to have.

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