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Post your Test Results!
Took American Government today. Got a 73. I did the Modern States course (mostly just for the free voucher) and watched the Crash Course US Government videos. Also read through the Constitution and amendments a few times. And even though I was told going in by the exam feedback thread that there wouldn't be many amendment or court case questions, I let my obsessiveness get the best of me and made and memorized a Quizlet flashcard set on those anyway.

As for practice exams, I only did the first Free-CLEP-Prep one (the free one). Got 88%
  • B&M CC (quarter credits, grade): Fall 2018: General Psychology (5, A), Public Speaking (5, A), Intro to Statistics (5, A), Music Theory I (5, A), Excel I (3, A), Word I (2, A)
  • CLEP: College Composition, College Composition Modular, College Mathematics, College Algebra, US History I, US History II, American Government, Analyzing and Interpreting Literature, Introductory Sociology, Western Civilization I, Western Civilization II, Information Systems, Social Sciences and History
  • The Institutes: Ethics 312
  • Microsoft Office Specialist: Excel 2016, Word 2016
  • Astronomy: Intro to Cosmology
  • Ancient Greek Philosophers, Essentials of Managing Conflict, Developing Effective Teams
  • Civil War and Reconstruction, History of the Vietnam War, Intro to Geometry, Discrete Mathematics, Ethics in the Social Sciences, Research Methods in Psychology
It took me a week to complete the Ancient Greek Philosophy course on If I wasn't busy with moving and giving myself a few days a rest and relaxation, I could have completed it in only three days. The challenges were pretty easy and the Milestone was easy as well, but still a little challenging. I used the entire 120 minutes to complete it and only finished literally a few seconds before the 2 hours were up. I was rushing through the last 5-8 questions since I only had a few minutes left and ended up mostly guessing what I thought the answer was, instead of searching through the open-book to confirm that my answer could have been correct, and only got one answer wrong towards the end.

It would have been a quicker and easier Milestone if I made sure to make a chart for the different beliefs, ethics, approaches, agreements and disagreements of Plato, Aristotle and Socrates. There was actually several more questions on Aristotle than any of the other philosophers, so I wish that I spent a little bit more time studying him and also Plato's Forms. Overall it was a pretty good course. I feel like I learned a lot from just answering the challenge questions and searching for answers and doing the same with the Practice Milestone. I don't think I had any of the same questions in the Milestone from any of the Challenges or Practice Milestone.

Challenge 1: 6/6
Challenge 2: 9/9
Challenge 3: 8/8
Challenge 4: 5/5
Milestone: 22/25
Total Score: 92%
TESU B.A. in Liberal Studies 

Analyzing & Interpreting Literature (CLEP)
Nutrition & Health - Body Sculpting With Diet & Exercise (OnlineDegree)

English Comp. 101 (Rowan College @ BC) - 3 cr.
312N-H Ethics (The Institutes) - 2cr.
Communications 120: Presentation Skills in the Workplace ( - 3 cr.
College Algebra (ALEKS) - 3 cr.
The Essentials of Managing Conflict (Sophia) - 1 cr.
Developing Effective Teams (Sophia) - 1 cr.
Q0118 - Community Safety Educators (NFA) - 1 cr.
Cyber 101: Cybersecurity for Everyone (TEEX) - 2 cr.
Cyber 201: Cybersecurity for IT (TEEX) - 2 cr.
Cyber 301: Cybersecurity for Business (TEEX) - 2cr.
Ancient Greek Philosophy (Sophia) - 3 cr.
= 23/60
CLEP American Government: 71
DSST Business Ethics & Society: 441
TECEP Medical Terminology: 81%
Passed the CLEP Humanities exam today with a 53.  Not to difficult, just a very long exam. There are 140 questions. I took the modern states course to get the voucher and answering their quizzes was really all I did to prepare. I watch a lot of Jeopardy and trivia shows though and the exam had very similar material. 

Towards the end I started to get bored and rushed through the last few questions (not good I know) I feel I would have scored better if I had not done that.
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I took American Government Clep and got a 48.
My brother took the information systems clep and got a 75.
Aiming for a TESU September 2019 Graduation
SDC English Comp 81
SDC Info Lit 83
SDC Itntro to Health 85

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