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Post your Test Results!
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  • sgloer
I just took Macroeconomics and got a 62
My scores:
Analyzing & Interpreting Literature 73
Biology 69
Western Civilization I 67
College Algebra 70
Western Civilization II 71
History of the United States II 68
College Mathematics 77
American Literature 61
College Composition 63
American Government 57
Information Systems 66
Principles of Management 58
Introductory Sociology 59
Introductory Pyschology 68
History of the United States I 69
Social Sciences & History 72
Principles of Microeconomics 68
Principles of Macroeconomics 65
Humanities 72
Principles of Marketing 69
Natural Sciences 64
Introduction to World Religions 458
Introduction to Business 434
Principles of Supervision 400
English Literature 72
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  • skovbakken
U.S HISTORY I --3 credits  score:60
U.S. HISTORY II--3 credits  score: 61
NATURAL SCIENCES--6 credits  score: 52
ANALYZING AND INTERPRETING LIT.--3 credits  score: 47 the first time and 51 on the second try
 HALLELUYAH i passed these exams
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  • a4tunatemom
(02-07-2006, 07:33 AM)Shark101 Wrote: I'm studying for US History 2 clep exam now, I just bought US History 2 cliff notes and I noticed that it follows the instantcertguide all the way, anyone else notice the same thing and has anyone recently passed US HIstory 2 with just the instantcertguide alone, and would like to offer any tips for US history 2 clep exam?

I am working on CLEP Hist II right now...I don't remember much of it from past classes. I passed Hist I with a 69 a week ago...I way over studied. I am readying the Cliff notes, the CLEP study book, Instacert and online flashcards. I don't have much time, so I need to cram
MAT-105 TECEP February 16, 2021 - 73%

I do not recommend taking this test without a calculator. If you have a graphing calculator, and know how to enter algebraic equations for solving, this test should be trivial.

Major topics:
1. Logic (especially symbolic notation, and truth tables and trees)
2. Set Theory
3. Basic Algebra (solve for x, with fractions)
4. Fractional math
5. Interest rate calculations

AP Tests: 20 credits (HIS-113/114, CHE-121/122, MAT-231/232) | Other College: 99.5 credits (Mostly Eng. & CompSci)
APICS-CPIM (NCCRS): 12 AoS Credits (OPM-301/313/331/332/470) | CLEP: 6 credits (ENC-101/102) Saylor Academy: 6 credits (POS-282, LAW-201) 27 credits (SOC-101, PHI-180, ACC-101, FIN-200, ECO-111/112, MAN-235, CIS-107, COM-199) | 12 credits (COM-290, CMP-202, MAN-210, MAR-201)
TESU: 15 credits (ACC-102 TECEP, BUS-311 TECEP, OPM-411, MAT-105 TECEP, BUS-421) | Davar Academy: 3 credits (MAN-273)
Passed CLEP Information Systems with a 72.  Started by studying for DSST Information Systems.  Had already run through the Instantcert flash cards twice.  Passed a couple of CLEP practice exams.  Also watched Professor Messer videos for Security + and about 25% of UDEMY's videos from Jason Dion's Security +.  Those videos covered a number of terms but by no means all of the concepts.  Now have to convince UTSA to give me credit for IS3003 and not CS1033.  Score of 50 to 59= IS3003.  Score 60 and above gives credit for CS1033.  Don't need that one.  Oh well.

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