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Public speaking
I am about to start studying for the dtts exam in public speaking. I was wondering if someone can give me information on what the test is about, where i can find information, tips, and what i need to know as i keep going. What books were helpful? What were the topics given for the speach part? How to study for the written part of the test. How much study time is necassery?

A basic search will bring up loads of information and answer most all of your questions.

Additionally, the Specific Exam Feedback Section has detailed information given by people who have taken the test...please follow this link (must be an IC member)
[SIZE="2"]Associates Degree, Aviation Maintenance Technology, Community College of the Air Force[/SIZE]
[SIZE="2"]Bachelors of Science, Liberal Studies Degree, Excelsior [/SIZE]
[SIZE="2"]MBA Human Resource Management, California Coast University[/SIZE]
I plan on taking the DSST exam for Principles of Public Speaking.

Go to DSST - - It has test information, fact sheets, sample questions, study tools, and credit recommendation info.

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