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Purdue University Global: 2018 Article Exploring Purdue's Agreement with Kaplan
This article is from 9 months ago, but I'm curious if students had any experiences to share. I'm not considering any of their programs; just interested to hear some thoughts.

"Purdue University Global Is a For-Profit College Masquerading as a Public University"

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Here's someone currently going through their MBA program:
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Good info. After many starts and stops, my husband is considering getting back on the school wagon. He looked at the program ONLY because of the Purdue name. But overall, I think he's going to go with WGU for several reasons, price and the for-profit aspect being important to him.

But it seems like it could be a good option and anything to avoid the Kaplan name.. even if there are many negatives associated with it.

Edit to add: I do worry any time a non-profit becomes part of a for-profit. Before doing my MBA, I seriously considered Thunderbird since they were very well known for international business. But the price was a bit steep for me and the travel a little much to manage. I am SO glad I didn't do it. I was shocked when they went for-profit and then I wonder if it's only a matter of time before the shenanigans begin. We'll stick to non-profit even if we recognize that there are good for-profit options out there.
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