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Question About Combining Degrees
Hello everyone, I have a question regarding college careers:
I’ve been a fitness instructor for over 10 years, and I’ve been writing fiction for longer than that. I’ve been searching for an online university with bachelor’s programs in Exercise Science and Screenwriting. I haven’t had any luck in finding an online university, or any university, that would allow me to combine both programs in any shape or form.
Is there any possibility I could do a major in Exercise Science while doing a minor in Screenwriting? I’ve looked into double majors, dual degrees, and even double degrees, but haven’t found anything that would combine Exercise Science with Screenwriting. My conclusion to this dilemma is to enroll into a full program for one career, while doing separate certificates for another.
If there is another way to combine both programs, or pursue both degrees in the same time, please provide me the information. I know FASFA would only cover one career at a time, but there has to be other grants and/or loans that would help me in my pursuits.
Thank You!
Do you already have an Associates or any college credits? Do you have tuition assistance/reimbursement from work?
Would a Bachelors in Communications, English, or Writing work for you? And how about a sports science degree?

These two degrees you are looking for are in completely different verticals, I doubt there will be a double major option.
You're going to be most likely looking at two different degrees as it'll likely come at different schools of the university.
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UMBH has both Film Studies and Exercise Science:

Film Studies is BA, Exercise is BS. But they are also both available as minors. I do not know if they will let you combine them. Either way, they're not available majors/minors on their competency-based MyWay programs so this likely wouldn't be the most inexpensive option. They do accept ACE credits but only from StraighterLine/SDC according to this thread:
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I think you're trying too hard. If you don't already have UL credit in either of those 2 things, I think they will be VERY hard to find. So you can rule out the Big 3 as inexpensive ways to get degrees.

One thing to think about - I don't think you need a degree for either of those jobs, so I'm not certain why you would spend a lot of money on either of them.

So, if it were me, I would probably get an inexpensive degree at one of the Big 3, maybe with some English courses for your UL, and some Exercise Science/Kinesiology courses thrown in, and call it a day.

Unless you have some other goals, in which case I'd think really hard about them.
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For TESU, you could certainly do English if you want something cheap. It does require a particular CLEP to complete this degree without taking (more) courses at TESU; this may not be ideal right now. You could add a BALS with a Health & Wellness concentration. The downside is that there are a number of courses that you can't test out of:
  • BIO-208 The Science of Nutrition -; Nutrition 101: Science of Nutrition
  • HEA-305 Women's Health - TESU
  • HEA-306 Men's Health - TESU
  • FIT-211 Biomechanics of Exercise or Kinesiology - TESU
  • GER-312 Biological Aspects of Aging - TESU
  • FIT-230 Individual Assessment for Fitness and Wellness Services  - TESU or
    • FIT-250 Principles and Programs for Fitness and Wellness Services - TESU
On the plus side, if you did take this many courses at TESU, you wouldn't be paying the residency waiver. 

You could also take "Health 101: Principles of Health" as an elective at SDC. Assuming you're a US resident, you can also take OnlineDegree courses like "NU102 - Nutrition & Health-Body Sculpting with Diet & Exercise" and "HC101 - Healthcare-Introduction to Public Health"
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Sophia (30 courses), The Institutes (old), (2 courses)
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