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Question about A.A. degree and transfer...
My daughter is planning on graduating in Spring 2021 with her A.A. from a junior college in FL.   She has 1 required class and 2 electives left.   She is planning on transferring to a university to get a degree that requires 72 upper level credits.  Most degrees only require 60.  Is it possible to enroll in a university without the A.A. to take a class in her major while currently enrolled in junior college and have it qualify as an "elective" at the junior college to complete her A.A.?  Will a junior college typically take a 300 or 3000 level course toward an A.A.?   It just seems silly to take 2 electives even if by CLEP if she could be working toward her major.  Or are we just really doing some crazy thinking here???
It's certainly possible to enroll as a non-degree-seeking student elsewhere to take a class in her major. The issue is whether or not that class will transfer back to the junior college because not all classes will transfer between all universities. That's something that you/she will have to discuss with the junior college.
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She might look into dual enrollment at her junior college and a university that they have a collaborative agreement with. If she has an advisor at her junior college, they may be able to help her with this. I have a 19-year-old who will be a junior in the spring, and he was able to be dually enrolled due to an agreement with the university he'll transfer to in January. Hope it works out for your daughter!
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What degree is she going to earn at a university that requires 72 UL? I've not sen one even require 60 UL. It's usually 30-36 UL courses depending on the degree.

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(10-31-2020, 06:08 PM)S.Tesla Wrote: She is planning on transferring to a university to get a degree that requires 72 upper level credits.  Most degrees only require 60.

Most degrees don't even require 60cr of UL, that's pretty extreme - 72cr if off the charts - unless of course this is a quarter-system school, which would work out to 48cr of semester-system UL credits?  That would be more normal.
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