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Question about Excelsior test?
I am almost ready to schedule Research Methods In Psychology with Pearson,
I would like to choose not to submit my results to Excelsior until I am sure I passed, I do not want a faling grade on my transcript.
How do I go about it? I am an enrolled student, does Pearson automatically report the results?

Pursuing BSLA, Excelsior
96 credits to date (Clep, Dantes, Excelsior and Fema)
Can't do that with ECE exams -- only CLEP and DSST. Don't even bother trying to think of a way to game around it either -- the Pearson registration and identification protocols are a lot more rigorous than your friendly neighborhood CLEP or DSST testing center. Just make sure you're prepared! By the way, the Princeton Review "Cracking the GRE Psychology" is the best resource for that exam. It has three or four short chapters (around 20 pages total) that are right on point for ECE Research Methods.

I took an ECE test last night. I logged into the Excelsior website as soon as I got home and the results were already in the system. The test was defiantly harder than the CLEP or DSST tests I have taken so far.

BS, Individual Studies (Real Estate & Business) – Charter Oak State College
Undergraduate Certificate, Real Estate – Marylhurst University
so how did you do?
AAT, Electromechanics, Excelsior College 2007
BS, Political Science, Excelsior College 2008
MSSL, Strategic Leadership, Mountain State (currently enrolled) 2009
I assumed that the results will be sent automatically to Excelsior, I am nervous about the new policies, I will take my time and follow your advice, I have the Cracking the Clep GRE book and other textbooks I am using. Instead of scheduling for next week I will take an extra one.

Pursuing BSLA Excelsior

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