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Roadmap for New Excelsior College Students
(07-16-2019, 10:21 PM)davedocmonster Wrote:
(07-16-2019, 10:06 PM)Life Long Learning Wrote: Nice Roadmap from EC.

I used the DSST Exam on Ethics
I did the easy EC INL 102 1 Credit course in two long days.

You need 11 SH in business electives:  Many CLEP/DSST exams for that.
Thank you Life Long Learning. Are the business elective requirements fulfilled by any specific buss requirements? Or can I just take..any business related claps and dantes?

I would always check with your EC advisor, but electives have always been any credits that EC considers a business class.  I would check with EC, but 90% of most colleges consider Business Math a business class and NOT a real college math level class.  Organizational Behavior I have seen go BOTH ways Business or Soc Sci.

I think you just need to find the 4 (3 SH each) easiest business electives classes (12 total SH) that you can pass.

For me it would be DSST Business Math, DSST Into to Business, CLEP Prin of Management, DSST Human Resource Mgmt, DSST Personal Finance, CLEP Prin of Marketing, etc
Non-Traditional Undergraduate College Credits (634 SH): *FTCC Noncourse Credits (156 SH) *DSST (78 SH) *CPL (64 SH) *JST Military/ACE (48 SH) *CBA (44 SH) *CLEP (42 SH) *FEMA IS (40 SH) *FEMA EM (38 SH) *ECE/UExcel (30 SH) *PLA Portfolio (28 SH) *EMI/ACE (19 SH) *TEEX/ACE (16 SH) *CWE (11 SH) *NFA/ACE (10 SH) *Kaplan/ACE (3 SH) *CPC (2 SH) *AICP/ACE (2 SH) *Sophia/ACE (2 SH) and *FRTI-UM/ACE (1 SH).
Non-Traditional Graduate College Credits (14 SH): AMU (6 SH); NFHS (5 SH); and JSU (3 SH).


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