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SDC Final Exam
Hello all!

I'm finishing my first round of courses on, and I was wondering how similar the final exam questions are to the quiz questions throughout the course.

I've heard from some that they're identical, and I've heard from others that there aren't any that are identical. Does this change based on different courses?

Any input would be helpful.

Thanks! Smile
According to my twins, they are not identical but are similar. So far, they find that Study doesn't try to trick you with questions.
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They're not identical, but they're pretty close. You'll usually score within 10% of what you score on the practice exam(s).
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@JTPhoneHome, to answer your question, the quizzes generally are there to give you an idea of how well you know that particular course and chapter contents. The final exam is cumulative of the chapters, the quizzes may have similar info than the final, but the questions should technically be very close yet different.

If you've scored well on the quizzes, you should be fine, you need at least 56% on the final to pass. For upper-level courses, you need to do assignments and the weight on the exam isn't as high... I would work on quizzes, final exam, then the assignments.

BTW, are you still looking at Excelsior University BSLA? Have you completed your courses already? Did you do any of the UEXCELS before they were discontinued? You should update your plan from your previous thread:
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