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SL Computer Courses: Information Tech Fundamentals and Intro to Programming Comp C++
Does anyone have experience with one or both of these two courses from SL? If so, could you please share your thoughts....lessons, book, final exam, time frame, transfer to TESU and anything else?

I am searching for another science course for my 16 year old homeschooled son. He has already completed SL Chemistry I and is about to complete the last lab exam today. Would this even be a science? I was thinking of "computer science."

He is proficient on his own computer, as he is an avid gamer.

He's also already completed ALEKS Intermediate Algebra, College Algebra, Pre-Calculus, and Statistics. Thanks for your help! Debbie
I don't have any personal experience with SL, but I know that SL's Intro to Programming in C++ should transfer over to TESU as COS-213, per Trailrunr's degree plan.

This CS thread also has some good info about other CS courses that will transfer into TESU.
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Computer Science courses count at TESU as "science" since their science section is Natural Sciences AND Computer Sciences. But it won't count that way at a lot of other schools.

I think people who have taken IT Fundamentals have not enjoyed it - it's from another vendor, and not well done.
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