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SL or DAVAR for some Business courses?
(05-31-2020, 08:00 PM)Leslie2828 Wrote: The book are thick though. The entire 1000 page must be read before you pass the test? Oh my I’m not a bookworm ... This will make me nervous

Self-paced study is not for everyone. I do have to say, for what it's worth, that most of my Davar/Coopersmith textbooks were less than 1000 pages.

I can't say how much, if any, of the textbook you must read in order to pass the test. As I said, a targeted study guide is included. If you're concerned that only "bookworms" can effectively read, skim, and/or scan a 1000 page textbook, or the thought of doing so causes you anxiety, I would suggest that you perform a Google search for the course you're interested in. You may well find Reddit or forum posts from others who've taken the course before you, and may have commented on what use (if any) they made of the various course materials.

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