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Sabi University
I had never heard of this place until today.  It's a private university in France that is owned by a Canadian company (so all the prices are in Canadian dollars).  They offer an online Executive DBA program, and a couple of other things too.  I don't know that it's a great program or a good deal but I had never heard the name before so I thought I'd throw it out for you all
This was discussed in the sister board in the past. You can do a search of the discussion, but the tldr is avoid this unaccredited school.
Yup, this school isn't accredited in Canada either... but there's a story to this school, even though they're not accredited properly, they have EXPENSIVE credit transfers to a school I mentioned before, articulation to IAULA.  

Strange enough, for someone who completes their mini-mba, they can get those credits transferred into the DMan at IAULA...  I wouldn't go that route, but just saying, they somehow got an agreement going with a TRACS NA institution.

Sabi's Mini-Mba Link:
My previous link to IAULA:
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