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Saylor - MA001: College Algebra TESU / COSC credit
Hi everyone,

I am trying to accumulate some credits to put towards my Undergrad degree. 

I have been searching to find out if the Saylor MA001: College Algebra is an equivalent for the TESU or COSC College credit for their Quantitative Literacy. I am thinking of taking this through Saylor because I would only be paying the $25 proctor fee, which would work out the cheapest so far for me from all the info I've gathered so far. Unless someone knows where I could get it cheaper and it is the equivalent.  

Thank you.
It's cheaper at ALEKS, and you pay $20/mo so you could also take Trig & Stats if you wanted (within the month).
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(03-17-2019, 04:34 PM)dfrecore Wrote: It's cheaper at ALEKS, and you pay $20/mo so you could also take Trig & Stats if you wanted (within the month).

Awesome. Thank you

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