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If you fail a exam, when you retake the exam are the answers the same as the first exam or are they different?


If you fail the first time, does it let you know which questions you got wrong?

thank you Big Grin
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1. Different questions

2. Yes, you can review the results.
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(07-01-2022, 05:56 AM)carrythenothing Wrote: 1. Different questions

2. Yes, you can review the results.

do they only change a few of them around or all of them?
#4 has a huge database of questions, it's going to be hard to say how many repeat questions you'll have. I would venture to say, very few repeating questions if any at all. As an example, probably at most 2 to 4 out of 100 or 1 to 2 out of 50 of the questions may repeat. I suggest using the "non graded practice exam" to gauge how you're fairing in the course.
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